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They are going on a bar-crawl.


I love to walk along the river in the mornings.

Don't fool yourself. He doesn't love you.

I am like you.

If I had enough money, I would buy that nice car.

You should be able to manage it.

Walt isn't really such a bad person.

The truth hurts.


Who buys this type of art?

Drop me a line when you are in trouble.

I still think about Valerie all the time.

We all abide by law to live in any society.

He is good at soccer.

At the sight of the policemen the thieves ran away.

Most opponents of slavery did not vote.


He substituted a light for the bell.

She told her mother how he had attacked her.

Sonny is going to be so surprised.


Ima showed me the letter he got from Siegurd.

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I thought it made me look older.

Be sure to bring rain gear.

How do you think Laurie is going to propose to Torsten?

We were not to blame for the accident.

No one has ever asked Panacea out on a date.

We asked her to let us stay.

I need someone who I can feel safe with.

He then bound his son, and took up his sword, in order to sacrifice him in the ancient manner.

To a mathematician, "almost all" means "all but finitely many."

Kaj isn't actually the manager.

Tell Margot I'll be right over.

Help yourself to the salad.

get ready for school


Today in the morning walking from the school I met Kory.

You're going to be fine.

What the woman wants, God wants!

How many times have you really been in love?

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?

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He lives in an apartment.

The man was lost sight of in the crowd.

I'll set up the appointment.

Spass was made redundant.

The doctor told Bernie he needed to eat a more balanced diet.


Now I'm having fun.

My dog chased a lizard and snapped its tail off.

There're more than 100 people in the room.

I want Saify to come with us.

Look at Venus!

She is talking.

Barrett knew nothing about it.

She was able to answer whatever was asked.

She tends to be late.

For the first time in my life, I felt a pang of conscience, but there was no other way out.

Has anyone ever told you they loved you?


I'm trying to be reasonable.


His only wish was to see his son again one more time.


Gunter didn't tell anyone why he was late.

She always walks to school.

Page tossed the keys to Marcos.

Simon was outside the movie theater.

Maurice is also a Jew.

She looks better today than when I her saw last.

Today I picked up my four-year-old nephew from kindergarten.

It's obvious but the connection between people is "words". It is by those words that thoughts are shared and arguments carried out.

Tommy put his feet up on the coffee table.


I don't let my kids watch TV.

Blaine said he's also frustrated.

Carsten told us a sad story.


Bea took her phone out of her purse and took a picture.

Hurf wasn't sleeping when I got home.

Douglas pushed open the door and entered the room.

We're open seven days a week.

The question can only be interpreted a single way.

You're too busy.

Does John want to see a Korean movie?

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I've never been able to roll my Rs...

Are the kids home from school yet?

He always texted me.

As with all things, take from this video any wisdom that is useful, and discard the bullshit.

We can leave.

She's not coming back.

I told her to be careful.

We'll try to make a good impression.

Vadim may not be dead.

I must apologize for not having written for such a long time.

I don't eat pork, beef or eggs.

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Suwandi knows how to take care of himself.

We'd like to speak to him.

I cannot cut the meat by myself. Help me.

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He jumped onto the table.

We'll eat lunch on the bus.

Stacey never wins at tic-tac-toe.

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People gratuitously making a fool out of themselves is a consequence of a pluralistic and permissive society.

How can they do this?

They didn't achieve their goal.

What exactly are you asking us to do?

I want him to lose.

He was too embarrassed to utter a word in front of the crowd.

Is he correct?

So you're not going anywhere tomorrow?

I wish I could afford to buy a car like that.

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We were winning.

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Both his grandfathers are dead.

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It's a great place to start.

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Daren hasn't complained about anything.


You weren't ready.

He sat on a chair with his legs dangling.

It sounds like someone is crying.

You're just trying to scare me.

He does appear.

My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.

Dale should be landing in Boston right about now.

I can't let Ramanan do that.

I just didn't believe her.

A good specimen might weigh up to a kilo.

How long has George studied Portuguese?

Jin spent the morning painting the ceiling.

While the demonstration was being made, the president was taking notes.

Avery and I were busy all day.

Mike is probably already there.

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If anything should be wrong with my car, I would go by bus.


I took a painkiller for my headache.

I thought you were working.

Don't forget to take your pills.

I hope karma bites you in the ass!

She breaks something every time she cleans the room.


I still need to mow the lawn.

Their job is to help old people.

Haven't we seen them before?


I don't like big desk lamps.

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Mikey likes word games.

Yesterday I had a horrible accident on the highway.

I'll know not to do it that way next time.

We living are all dead who haven't assumed their office yet.

The pupils loved that joke.

I'm done for now.

Kenneth and Sally are out jogging.

"Give me a fresh bottle," he said.

The path ascends steeply from there.

This money will allow me to buy a car.

If I knew his address, I would write to him.

I'm sure Nhan will like his new job.

As far as I know, Linda is still married.

It looks like this car is his.

I carried the heavy bag on my back.


We need to find out what time Christie will be arriving.

Nothing interests me anymore.

London is smaller than Tokyo.

Don't walk out on me.

I'll send him a postcard.


So, I didn't call for any particular reason; I just wanted to hear your voice. If you're busy, I'll let you go.

I saw him get hit by a car.

I'm not going to let you get away with this.

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I need printer paper.

Will you swim with her?

Call us if you think of anything.

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It was proposed that this matter be considered at the next meeting.

How are you going to convince Lila?

Well, that changes everything.

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Think thinks there's hope.

I've had it on my brain all day.

I hope Kusum knows how lucky he is.

She went crazy with fear.

Where did you get all this wisdom?

The unemployment rate in Japan was 3.4 percent in September of 2015.

Please take me across the river.

You're a real witch.

Clarence used to like jazz.