I have to get going.

The statue is missing its head.

Look back there.

I think I've been living alone too long.

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He went through many hardships in his youth.

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After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.

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Are we going to be able to finish this today?

He makes mountains out of molehills.

Nicolo may not make it to the meeting.

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That was the last thing I expected to hear.

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He is a man of birth and breeding.


As Vicky and Simon's one-year dating anniversary passed, Micheal's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

He has a good brain.

The crime would have been perfect if the thief hadn't forgotten to wipe his fingerprints.


Jones was thirsty.

It was just hype.

How old is your child?

She went on a journey a few days ago.

His conscience stung him.


Let's hope they're right.

I am happy.

I am glad to see you have apologized for voicing the untrue allegations, but you might need to apologize to the people this has actually affected.

I like my brandy straight.

I assume this is due to the fact that Ritchey is a minor.

A delicatessen caught fire and burned down, leaving a heap of ashes.

You are my friends

Sundaresan has a big closet in his room.

We need to help Naoto as much as we can.


She thinks I'm a stupid drunk.

This is where Maria and Syed live.

Let's think about this.

I read one of his works.

You're sounding paranoid.

Is it really my fault?

He seems to have something on his mind.


Derek's wasted.

Uranus is one of the smaller gas giants in our solar system, but it is still large enough to hold 64 planets the size of Earth.

He moved to a good company that offered a good salary.

His whole family is like that.

I know that your work isn't easy.

Steve has already eaten.

That's not uncommon.

We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Sit up straight in your chair.

As far as the piano is concerned, sentiment is my forte.

Jeanette was thrown off the bus.

And where is that?

He can't distinguish vice from virtue.

There is some evidence that taking several fish oil capsules per day could have beneficial effects on one's heart and blood pressure.

I made a bad call.


Have you ever eaten this dish?

Keep your eyes on the road.

We need a few minutes.

"Did you get that?" "No, not at all."

He got his dander up.

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Becky told me that he could come on any day but Tuesday.

Thuan didn't want to interrupt Son while she was studying.

Check Ramiro's pulse again.

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She likes to dress up as a nurse.

Kiki jumped over the fence.

Mott has been trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.

That made her angry.

Do you think it's easy to find a job in Germany?

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I have to get up quite early tomorrow.

Maybe I can help with that.

He is well spoken of by many people.

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Just sit tight, everyone.

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We need some clues to understand it.

I still need to clean the kitchen.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you know how.


Jiri hasn't really tried very hard yet.

He is too wise not to see the reason.

Your idea is a good one.

Is it okay with you?

I have five here and as many again.

Leave me alone.

A theory must be followed by practice.

Doctors have made great strides in their fight against cancer.

My supervisor looked at the revised schedule and nodded his agreement.

You don't have to pay in cash.

Vince's sister's name is Mongo.


It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.


There are a lot of tools in the box.

He opened the envelope only to be disappointed.

If you make a mess, clean it up.

I get the feeling you're trying to tell me something.

I am outraged.

A moldy loaf of bread lay on the table.

This restaurant is ridiculously overpriced.

At least try and be careful.

Let's discuss it over dinner.

Can you tell me what happened?

You don't have enough faith in yourselves.

Why don't you go with me?

I polished his shoes for him.

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We all pondered over what had taken place.

I need to be at a meeting this afternoon.

Is your aim good?

How are you coming along with your French lessons?

How do you always do it?

I'd really like to get something to drink.

Ned told me Pascal was emotionally unstable.

Thomas could not carry out his task on account of an accident.

Many people are living illegally in the country.

Life without love is meaningless.

Can't you even do simple arithmetic?

Saul is quite athletic.

He harvested a basketful of mushrooms.


She was named Kate after her mother.

Hugh is shameless.

We have been waiting here for hours.

I don't need your money. What I need is your time.

Ken threw a pillow at Surya and the pillow hit her squarely in the face.

I'll be staying here for three months.

Everybody likes me.

The fields were covered by heavy snow.

She's not admitting her mistake.


It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to get married.

I want to have a friend.

I wasn't the one who told Janice to do that.

Killing him is the easiest solution.

He had nausea?

When I'm in a bad mood, I like to think of stoats to cheer myself up.

I thought out all the difficulties.

Kate was made to read the book.

My dad cheated on my mom.


They're not ready for us.

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Do only what I did!

I love you for who you are.

I just sold my car to him.

The bank avoided taking any decision.

He one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of his opponent.


The process by which substances are turned directly from a solid state into a gas is called sublimation.

This picture is wonderful.

It's my fault this has happened.

I will win the game next time.

I wish I could prevent that from happening.


I just want to get off this island.

I appreciate you giving me a break.

Sometime I'll definitely visit France. I just don't know exactly when.


In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.

It was a miracle.

What's your analysis?

The talisman he's wearing is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Do you really need a roommate?

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Gypsy may be feeling dizzy.


But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.

I cannot help wondering about the child.

I'm sure I know him from somewhere.


Why were you picking up guys?

She saw a mouse.

Whatever happens, don't use this phone.

It is impossible to substitute machines for people.

Pantelis nodded and left.

That's an interesting topic.

I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place.

Scientists and the new media are presenting even more evidence of climate change.

He was the first to enter the room.

When they got close, they fired their guns.

Claudia moved out last night.

I never understood why Milo didn't like Boston.

You students are supposed to be diligent.

Not only can he speak Mandarin, but Shanghainese as well.

I really can't take it anymore.

Is this appropriate?

It is important for you to read many books.

I shouldn't have to do all this work by myself.

Have you ever worked with him?


I know what Granville is capable of.