Gigi leaned in close so he could hear better.

It is a great honor to become acquainted with her.

She curtained the windows.


Keep at it!


Can I have a little bread while waiting?

I will help you if you are in trouble.

All I want is to talk to Marty.

I've been here for three years.

Svante wanted to carry Erwin over the threshold.

They hurried out.

Perhaps we should contact him.

We haven't known each other long.

She's the mother of seven children.

We are all eager to know the truth.

He snored loudly while he slept.


He is always going after fame.

I don't want to leave them.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.

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I'd love to marry you, but my family won't let me.

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They don't trust him.


If you eat nothing but ice cream, you'll get a stomachache.

It's just possible that he'll eventually recover the use of his legs.

My brother has a taste for music.

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The statistics gave ammunition to her argument.

You need friends.

That Hungarian actor owns several cinemas.


As he is a man of his word, he will surely pay what he owes to you.

I can't find my umbrella anywhere.

I have a breakfast meeting at 7:30.


Les wasn't able to do what he wanted.

I would not go skating today.

Aaron is plowing his field.

I like her, but sometimes her sharp tongue irritates me so much.

I slept drowsily with a good feeling for about 2 hours, while rocked by the train.

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I rarely eat out.

I knew it was a possibility.

Teri said he was going to study French.

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Rolf made thirty thousand dollars last week.


I thought you'd understand.

I'll be thirsty.

I gather that she meant a lot to you.

You and I shouldn't be talking.

This scholar studies ancient manuscripts.

Icelanders can read old sagas, but the writing and context have changed so much that they don't understand what the texts are about.

A republic is a state with a president at its head instead of a king or queen.

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I didn't see the need for it.

He turned up his nose at my suggestion.

She wasn't beautiful, but she had big, kind brown eyes and a sweet smile.


Let's hope Triantaphyllos didn't do what you think he did.

Gregory has no intention of helping us.

I know her slightly.


Have a nice evening.

I think it's important for us to stay calm.

I did my exam!

You heard her, didn't you?

Patrice has been bitten by a stray dog.


I'm really good with animals.

What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest?

Should I call you "thou" or "you"?

At last, they came to a decision.

The onions have already sprouted.

We're distancing ourselves from the rest of the family.

Kanthan and Meeks seem scared.

Let's have our composition corrected by the teacher.

Mr. Wang came to Japan to study Japanese.

Something just doesn't seem right.

Do you want some cake?


Lorien has a lot of confidence.

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He did his best to the last.


I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I dropped in to see how Dylan was doing.

The lake abounds with fish.

I have a surprise for him.

Meehan brought it here.

I like your plan.

We aren't going to help them.

How much money does he possess?

You're unambitious.

A girl is playing the flute.

These are the basics.

I knew I'd seen it someplace before.

Glen and Jitendra both like old movies.

Meat is expensive.

Rahul offered to help the old lady cross the street.

Takayuki might be harder to deal with in the future.

You fell.

You're a friend of Thomas.

I'll stand by you through thick and thin.

Strontium 90: One of the radioisotopes of strontium; part of radioactive fallout, harmful to human health.


Where is your new tablecloth?

Would you like to improve your English?

They made a list of the names.

You've been working out, haven't you?

Stop complaining and do as you're told.


Hold the rope.

Antony has already set off.

I could have gone to college, but I decided not to.

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Linda is in his mid-thirties.

There is a global problem of comprehension.

They spoke to each other on the phone.

Are you really as strong as you say you are?

Victory is ours.

Doesn't anything ever get to you?

Dennis is a very strong man.

Saiid took Yvonne into the house.

I had a hard day.

Nanda left the bar with Geoffrey.

It disturbes me that she's always late.

The general cut a distinguished figure in his dress uniform.

She grew roses.

It was over in minutes.

When Byron was walking down the street at night, a man he didn't know threatened him with a knife and robbed him of his cash.

She shook the rug to get dust out of it.

I'm just grateful for the opportunity to help.

It's not going to take long.

Brett can't have done it by himself.

The black and white bears living in the mountains in China and Tibet are called 'pandas'.

I don't know what's the matter with me.

Would you tell me when to get off?

The patient was released from the hospital.

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I have been very busy with the exams!

I know that interest rates are fixed in accordance to the borrower's business risk.

I thought Kenn was really good.

What did you really think of that movie?

I paid for the drinks.

I must leave now.

I work as much as you.

I like the short hairstyle.

I kept it with me.


You're as stubborn as ever.

You called the police.

Singing in the shower is one of his favorite things to do.

Carol can't leave yet.

I've always wanted to meet her.

This is a statue of Saturn.

Your ship sails at a quarter past four.

I expect nothing less than perfection.

Wring those clothes well before you hang them up.

Holly is almost never willing to do anything we ask him to do.

After a minute of free fall he pulled the rip cord and out came the parachute.

Jean-Pierre wants us to find Vickie.

We broke our journey at Tokyo.

In 1984, Coke started using HFCS instead of sugar.

Please don't tell me you've hired Israel.


List was in the cabin.


He muscled his way through the crowd.

They shared the money.

The answer was very obvious.


I said that's enough.

Ben sang Merril a love song.

For a moment, it looked like Sjaak might cry.

If you say "I was tricked," well that's certainly so but there's no mistaking that you were the one who signed up on a "sweet deal".

Ralf hasn't ever been outside of Australia.

I've got a date tonight.

It's all up to me to save the day.

He is in charge of the class.

I came as soon as I heard that you needed me.

These machines were expensive.

We should talk first.

I don't know how to operate this computer.

As you can see, the roof needs to be replaced.


Why do you always talk about Antony?


The car won't start.


"Why were you spying on them?" "I wasn't spying."

It is considered bad form for a comic book character to break the fourth wall.

He was born at seven on the morning of June 5 in 1970.

The plans are being made without regard to his schedule.

Mrs. Bruce was the first female pilot to fly between England and Japan.

They went skiing during their date.

Wes seemed to be worried about Guy.