She met him three years ago.

I'm not contradicting them.

I was in favor of going and they were in favor of staying.

You're the only one who can defeat Alf.

Pochi and Moko are in the kennel, and other dogs are playing in the garden.

It seems I've offended you.

Sometimes we lie so that we don't hurt the feelings of others.

I'm trying to be cautious.

All gods demand sacrifice. Good gods have you give up selfishness. Bad gods want blood.

Compared to yesterday, the weather is better today.

This is so boring.

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Northern flying squirrels nest inside trees.


The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.


I would like to excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa Prize.


People with low self-esteem can't handle being dissed.

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We always look forward to Manjeri's annual visit.


A study has proved, that eating too fast increases your chance for obesity.


The Edinburgh Waterfront project could be about to change all that.

Your car is fast, but mine is even faster.

She put me in a delicate situation.


Excuse me, but aren't you Dr. White?

I think that he's probably not a bad boy.

Tovah wanted to see you.

Bobbie often stays up most of the night.

This is smaller than Tokyo.


Jordan can't have gone to bed yet.

A mule is a hybrid offspring of two species, a female horse and a male donkey.

Which language do you teach?

He's the perfect guy.

We'll probably get married.

Have an open mind.

It wasn't where Huey said it would be.

I suspect that Todd is a cold-blooded murderer.

I won't be able to help him.

prototype.js - inserts update information into the page when the page is loaded.

It's really fun to learn Esperanto.

Janice tripped and fell flat on his face in the snow.

He started talking about his ideals as usual.

I asked Tarmi to wait a minute.

That's the house I stayed in.


The fellow is here.


My mother said that she was all right.

I'll introduce you to Carsten.

Return the money to him at once.

We're going to need a loan.

I am revising my Chinese lessons.

I know you want to help him.

He was employed writing letter.


I yearn for victory.


You seem stressed.

Jerry was never jealous.

I cannot pass this exam. It's very difficult.

Syun said he'd like to have another cup of coffee.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning.

Erick joined a sorority.

I don't care much for Darren.


That bag looks expensive.


I'm not wearing socks.

No Japanese girl is called Tatoeba.

I remember having heard a similar sound in my dreams.

The end of something is not necessarily the "butt"; it could be the "tail" or the "feet."

You don't have to make an apology.

There aren't enough chairs in the conference room.

This book was a great bargain.

There is an urgent need for them to update their system.

We have to turn back.

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I wouldn't mind a drink.


"Animals in the wild are not robots," she says.

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I have work to do, so go away and leave me alone.

Don't worry. I'll be discreet.

Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Brazil lost a great artist.

The women's hats are expensive.


We must put safety before anything else.

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I'm really going to enjoy myself.


I think Elaine wants to stay.

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She only speaks Finnish in class.

How does he do it?

Who can speak Japanese?

I want to go south for the winter.

What is the name of the highest mountain in that country?

What do the prisoners eat?

The football manager tried an elaborate new tactic but it didn't come off.


Working hard made Jack what he is.


We're not gods, but mere men.

Carolyn hasn't had a fight with anybody lately.

It's not appropriate to wear a red miniskirt to a funeral.


Please give me batteries for a camera.

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

That's a significant step forward.

I'm just trying to help Mitch out.

I won't let you speak to me that way.


The road is straight for three kilometers.


Teri is bored out of his mind.

Do you believe in eternal life after death?

I hope this is accurate.


I have heart problems.

You may only borrow my camera if you are careful with it.

Archie said it was urgent.

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I think it's time for me to go back to work.

May I open the window?

Ernest watered the roses.

Stacy went to the same school as Think did.

She eats but very little.

He is very friendly toward me.

Rabbit droppings are not raisins. I suppose you knew that.


Carlos let out a belch.

Yeah, I got a new job but it's nothing to write home about.

Jeans are just jeans. Why did you spend so much money on designer jeans?

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I was moved to tears by his story.

Turkeer grew more agitated.

If you want to keep healthy, you should do more exercises.

I can't drive a bus.

Lance has started looking for a new job.

The poor man has no relatives.

Did you talk to your new classmates yesterday?

I wish Dominick had done what we asked him to do.

I gave her a tiny musical box.

How long will you stay in Boston?

He kept it hidden from me.

This is why he got angry with you.

He was very poor.


I think it'd be better if Stanly didn't tell Ping about this.

If I had time, I'd accept his invitation.

I don't normally lie.

In England the waiter asked us: how much beer would you like? A half pint, or a pint? Because we still didn't know how much that was, we asked him to show us the glasses.

Don't try anything funny.


I'm just waiting for a call.

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Why did you decide to stay?

Get the captain.

Cook 300 grams of rice.


She's maxed out all her credit cards.

What's your conclusion?

He always leaves home at seven.

I don't care what happens.

She's a sex worker.

I like working with her.

I have a message for Jess.

Careful! The knife is very sharp.

Two vanilla ice creams please.

He broke in on our conversation.

Rand tried to smuggle a hacksaw blade into the prison inside a cake.


Look forward, please.

He's in the hospital.

I'll never speak to Blake again.


I thought I did something to make you upset.

Do you know what happened with him?

Are you going to be home tonight?

I don't think this is anything you'd be interested in.

Brave men and women crossed thousands of miles to bombard innoncent villagers in these remote mountains.

May I ask what that means?

That's unusual.

Sonny could sell that for a lot of money.

The child was rescued from a burning house.

Dieter wanted to ask you a few questions.

If he were a little younger, he would be eligible for the post.

I am already acquainted with that situation.

She drove a van.

It was a complete and utter waste of time.

I let Andrew catch me.


Tarmi is an expert at throwing knives.