Did I embarrass you?

I can't wait till next week.

She loves her son dearly.

I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.


I broke the wedding vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.


I want you to be nice to him.

Vice doesn't have any family.

How much do you earn?

Buddhism originated in India.

People sharing a ride should refrain from conversation with other passengers.

No man is the wiser for his learning.

We are very well known.

He's a kind and thoughtful man.

I've already drunk half a bottle of wine while I was waiting for you.

My watch needs to be repaired.

This ticket lets two people in.


It was complicated.

To his surprise, the door opened by itself.

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to pass the exam.

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I won't let anyone hurt him.

She got her hair done.

Roman wanted to shout his love for Maurice from the rooftops.

Get in. I'll drive you somewhere.

Have you told your friend the news yet?

Weasels have a reputation for being elusive and cunning.

You don't have to go with Joe.

You desperately need a vacation.

We used to swim every day when we were children.

I can't tell you who we are.

What are you going to do this evening?

I'm not good at speaking French.

Don't you want to stay here with us?

I still think about him all the time.

Nothing can happen to you.

Our office is on the 10th floor of Tokyo building.

How've you been feeling?

Hughes turned and walked to the exit.

Many foreigners also come to Japan to learn Japanese.

His homework having been finished, Janos went to bed.

My roommate is learning Chinese.

Can you pass me the towel?

What she wrote is true in a sense.


Eric plays in a band with Eddie.


Do you speak Bulgarian?

We have a pretrial conference.

Who is going to coordinate our activity if we don't do it for ourselves?

You have to wear a helmet to protect your head.

Sjaak is intoxicated.


He picked up a handkerchief from the floor.

I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.

Triantaphyllos wasn't poor.

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We're in the right place.

I danced all night long.

You will need a key.

Lila is just buying time.

Howard said nothing about Judy.

I can't understand what you're trying to get at.

Raul offered to pay Stanly to clean his house.


Final Fantasy is not a movie, but a videogame.

You will be paid according to your ability.

I don't think it's a problem.

They mistook him for his brother.

Here's some water.

She shined the knives and forks for Mother.

I'm supposed to make sure Lila doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

One month since entering high school ... not a single friend yet. That's really terrible, at this rate it will be middle-school all over again!!

Russia imported wheat from the United States.

She always speaks in a low voice.

Don't blow things out of proportion.

Joel looked at what was on the computer screen.

Willie has over thirty people working for him.

If you had stuck around, you would have had a lot of fun.

You trust people too much.


I liked the sour cherry strudel and the nut filled strudel.

Let go of my arm.

Let's get out of here now.


Kris wasn't crazy.


Hank's scared.

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Jinny didn't know where to start.

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It looks like you've gone out of the frying pan and into the fire.


There's obviously been some misunderstanding.

How do you change your clothes so fast?

I haven't done very much this year.


I think that Mat speaks French well.

I still enjoy playing tennis from time to time.

He used to drink beer.

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I recommend that you don't do that anymore.

Juha became editor-in-chief.

When are you getting off work?

You must think I'm a creep.

Life goes on.


Forget about the past, live the present, think about future.


I don't mean to be unsociable, but I'm tired.

You should have stopped while you had the chance.

Our American neighbor will have lived in Japan for five years next year.

He is a childhood friend.

I doubt that Erick would ever consider selling his antique car.

He goes to bed early but it takes him a long time to get to sleep.

Who gave him that recipe book?


Those four words carried not only a lot of complex information, but also the persuasive force of a proverb.


Apparently ice is lethal!

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I'm practically an adult now.

It's getting larger.

She has four of them.

Could you please take care of my dog while I'm in Boston?

Nguyen can never get my name right.

I could not understand anything he said.

Part arrived the day Mitchell left.

You accused her of having stolen the bike.

I don't care how long it takes.

We got something for them.

Is she still here?


So what's the prognosis?

History is my major.

She confessed her love to him.


Can I see you for just a minute, please?

We stopped for food.

I've made this mistake before.

Things have gotten worse.

I saw the dirty dog go into the yard.

You call that dancing?!

It has to be one of us.

I let it fall.

So what happened to you anyway?

Tovah likes to talk about himself.

I'll take this back.


I still have nothing to talk about.

I promise I'll never tell them.

Atlatls were some of the first tools of the Paleolithic era.

She was surprised that he appeared.

If he doesn't shave for a few days, he gets that unsightly stubble on his chin.

Do you accept AMEX?

Women hate me.

My uncle has a glass eye and a wooden leg.

I ran into Maria yesterday.

Pim hung up the phone.

You'll have to wait at least an hour to get a ticket.

They drove a tunnel through the hill.

I wish you could be here.


I thought you could tell I wasn't ready.

Emmett couldn't help thinking about Jones.

My sister is a famous singer.

It happens more often than you would think.

Our picnic was altogether spoiled by the rain.

Izzy is easy to get along with.

I arrived outside the dressing room.

We're trying to locate him.

Milk and alcohol don't solve problems.

Surely there was something we could've done.

I haven't been able to remember her address.


That's so stupid.

Money opens all doors.

The skyscraper's elevators ascend at an astonishing rate of speed.

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The Taj Mahal is beautiful.


My older brother has a mustache.

I thought Srinivas would get accepted to Harvard.

All the furniture was covered with dust.

I lost consciousness.

Urdu and Punjabi are her native languages, but she speaks several others very well, including Tamil, Pashto, and Cantonese.

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Chances are the bill will be rejected.

It had rained in the forest.

If by any chance I'm late, please don't wait for me.

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Can I ask Wolf about that?

He's more popular than me.

The seat of his pants is shiny.

Can I get back to work?

It seems like you aren't very happy today.


Take her for a swim.