Lana is an attractive guy.

He is deservedly popular.

Do you still need to be taking this medicine?

My problem is that my wife doesn't love me anymore.

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Didn't you eat lunch?

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We're a team.


Dominic didn't want to park his new car on the road.

Vicky has unrealistic expectations.

He got off at the next bus stop.

Four eyes are better than two.

I've been saying that all along.

Six months later we were married.

I don't give a fuck about what you say!

Julianto is an aspiring writer.

I have to get my computer repaired.

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Don't let him down.


We had to postpone the gathering because of rain.

Language and culture can't be separated.

Is this price acceptable?


What's he renovating in the living room and kitchen?

Sam doesn't like to be corrected in public.

Did somebody hit her?


Do you have any idea what the population of Boston is?


He has the most disrespectful attitude towards women I've ever seen.

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I'm going to make Milo wish he'd never been born.

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I want to drink.

We needed all that.

He needs to be punished.

I didn't leave until after 2:30.

Lorraine wanted to go to Boston with Slartibartfast.


I think perhaps I can help Sarah.

I kept riding my bicycle even though my legs were hurting.

Kirsten won't tell anyone, will he?

Let's go for it.

The asafoetida is gone, but the smell remains.

What are you up to with Hienz?

You're going to be late if you don't hurry up.

The rain compelled the water to run over the banks.

Lend me your comb for a minute, will you?

I'd like you to pick up the pace a little on this job.

Hello! Fancy meeting you here! It's a small world, isn't it?

How long do we have until this has to be finished?

Rajiv is vicious.

All the guests were touched by her hospitality.

I look very different.

Sofia taught Markus to paint.

I'm going to take some pictures around my neighborhood.

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Let's take a train.

I don't want her to be alone.

Two boys came running out of the room.


Manjeri would've gone with you if he could've.

It was pizza.

Is that what you were thinking?

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Kayvan arrived at work at 2:30.

You hurt us.

The Naxi language is spoken in Southwest China.

The one who has everything can lose everything.

Joe is barely able to stay awake.

Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

The strength of the firm is attributed to its future-oriented strategy.

On many occasions I do not agree with him.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Benjamin's hair has turned gray.

I thought it was something like that.

Isaac often wears long skirts.

This new bus service will meet the residents' needs.


What've you done with it?

You're hiding something from me.

The girl appeared sick.

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We have six eggs.

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If you don't want to read, don't.

Of the five wives he had, three were unfaithful.

What is the square root of 67?

Hamisi uses sugar.

You do not look for love; you find it.

I don't hate Wolfgang anymore.

Jingbai got sick because he ate too much.

Tell them to do it now.

It's only a theory.

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I've never really liked Marsh very much.

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Plugins in C are almost always implemented as DSOs (Dynamic Shared Objects, aka. shared libraries, or DLLs on Windows).


The first class begins at 8:30.

Stuart will be there in thirty minutes.

I recommend this book.

We have been discussing minor matters; it's high time we began talking turkey.

She turned away to hide her blushes.


There was no plan whatsoever.

He doesn't charge much.

I took him for his brother.

Do you have injuries?

It's probably good that Sergei can't remember what happened.


Amigo was a teacher for nearly thirty years.

Chet advised Kim to go to see a doctor.

What we need most is your attendance.

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Three homes were completely destroyed.


Spencer told me you'd be here.

Her parents are older than mine.

The train rolled out of the station.

Let things take their own course.

Spain approved the treaty.

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Hello teacher. How are you doing?

The lid of this box won't lift.

A more experienced lawyer would have dealt with the case in a different way.


The game of chess requires much concentration and expertise.


That food smells good. Yum, yum.

When did Troy come see you?

Let me see your hand, that I may read the future.

I know a very rich girl who only eats seasonal vegetables.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?


It is, moreover, very difficult to explain in any other way why there should be so much helium in the universe.

He heard a wee, little voice say in a beseeching tone: "Please be careful! Do not hit me so hard!"

It was painful.

Do you really want to go to the party with Tao?

When I was very young, my father died. His younger brother, due to the vicissitudes of the times and to his own laziness, dissipated his own fortune and afterwards became a peddler of writing materials. He often came to our house, but when he came, my mother would scold him and he would be troubled.

She lives two doors down.

Her father was a diplomat in Kenya.

Your car is a block away.

Here, at the Arch of Triumph, is the final stage of the cycling race.


Carol will visit Miami next month.

The modem was built into the computer.

It's Christmas.

I'm beginning to lose patience with Pim.

The government has been emboldened by the lack of response from the international community.

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I couldn't ignore.

I'm really happy I did that.

The divorce felt like a liberation.

It probably doesn't matter what we do.

It's important to unite as many workers as possible.

It will be hot tomorrow.

We really shouldn't have carpooled with Ian.

I aim for excellence in all areas of my life.

You shouldn't make fun of Phil.

Well prepared means no worries.

Nichael is doing the shopping.

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There are no wrong answers.

I'm the only one who can get them for you.

I think I'll get over it.

You're taking over.

The mere thought of it is enough to make me happy.


The interpreter is paid to translate.


Mysore refused the offer because she thought she could find a better place for herself in the bank.

Ronald isn't the one, is he?

Old made a point of visiting me.

Damone is unable to do this.

Carlo certainly knows a lot about cooking.

What is your favourite number?

We just have to be more aggressive.


Global warming since 1997 has occurred more than twice as fast as previously estimated.

Panos was the reason why I came here.

Don't talk about that.

You are busy now, aren't you?

I'm still not scared.


Mick will pull through.


I talked Darryl out of suing you.

There's a movement from a context to another.

We have things we need to discuss.

Bart was abducted.

Neal lives across the street from Cory.


Rainer unclogged the drain.

What is she so curious about?

The King did not know that the woman he held in his arms was not his own dear wife, but a wicked witch.

They stopped to stare at Naresh.

What did you think I told her?