Prague is one of Eastern Europe's most famous cities.


The pain was real.

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No one can transcend their own individuality.

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We're going to go back to basics.

What language do you speak at home?

I got nervous.

The movie was so dull that the audience left one by one.

They speak in so many different voices.

She received her friends without fuss.

His warm way with people had made him hugely popular.

She was glad to have Jim say her name.

John used to sell books.

Linda says he doesn't want to work here anymore.

Jianyun doesn't always play by the rules.

Maybe Jussi will go to Boston with David.

Randall was badly wounded.


Too many sweets make you fat.

You're obviously not very happy.

This is the monsoon season.

That Marionette is a disobedient son who is breaking his father's heart!

How did Kayvan know that?


Maybe I shouldn't have given Sid my old bicycle.

Yumi is one of my friends.

I had no idea you were so stupid.

I will be here from Monday to Thursday.

Why are you not with me?

It's a sign of the times.

She is concerned about her health.

If I go to the dance with you, the whole town will know.

Kit and I work in the same office.

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The decision is not final.

Les can't hurt us anymore.

I like news programs on TV.


I never thought about it that way.

I asked Dawn to wait a minute.

How did you pull it off?


The coffee was too hot for me to drink.

I would like to purchase a wooden deck panel that can be laid on the porch.

Chuck has got things he needs to do.

The French were defeated at Waterloo.

Tell me which one to choose.


I can't believe you did this to me!

The tower fell into ruin.

His daughter ran to the store and bought some candies.

We're going to have a lot of fun.

I am eating noodles.


Ramadoss always wants to argue.

From the old ox, the young one learns to plow.

Have you ever had a job?

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Where was I when I needed myself most?

I'll do what Victor says.

The ship was wrecked on the rocks.

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Jesus caught me.

I think we should've left ten minutes ago.

Come on, let's get this over with.


China and Japan differ in many points.


When does he get back from his trip?

He was unwilling to go.

My parents won't let me date.

She has gone too far.

It looks like I'm not needed here.

Winter vacation is just around the corner.

Laura got permission to go home early.


I don't expect anything good to happen today.


Happy Fathers' Day!

He comes to visit us every now and then.

We love her.

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Who will be the next class president, Vern or Ralph?

By seeing an elephant's tusk you know it is larger than a bull; by seeing a tiger's tail you know it is larger than a fox; by seeing one thing, you know many of them.

I told Roger to ignore it.

I parted with my old car, though I hated to do so.

She's the village bike.

The police want to talk to me.

I asked her to wait a minute.

Marion works as a bartender on weekends.

Thierry apparently can't speak French.


Clyde is probably the best singer in our class.

There were a few children in the room.

I had a cup of tea to keep myself awake.

He is active although he is very old.

I want to go to Boston with you.

Fay told me to be careful.

He is as tall as I.

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Now go brush your teeth.

The kitten wanted in.

The sky gives promise of fine weather.

That's not the real problem.

According to my sister, my muscles are in my head.

DDT is a famous carcinogen.

Keep in mind that you must die.

Down came a shower of rain.

What are we, indeed, what is our character, if not the concentration of the things which we have lived since our birth.


It was impossible for him to solve the problem.

We are crying.

You're not afraid of heights, are you?

Suzan used to be our handyman.

I am looking for my brother.


That was Arnold's choice.


We're a little busy here.


I'm afraid we have some bad news for you.


He was burning to go home.


Tarmi pulled three bills out of his wallet.


It's been easier than I thought.


Don't speak so fast.


His chocolate is okay.

Until what time can I call you on the phone?

Can't you put it off until tomorrow?

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You must try to understand how Taurus feels.

I'm basing my story on my childhood.

Louiqa and Ellen raised three children.

Are you sure you'll be all right?

It is the students' duty to clean their classrooms.

All the girls think it is right.

I shut the door behind me.

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Pilot's going to be a grandfather again.

If you really want a challenge, you should try windsurfing.

I can't help but think you're making a mistake.

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She's eating spaghetti.


He was able to get home before dark.

Earle embraces Marie.

I'm not spoiling their view.

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I'm not arguing with that.

The queen failed to produce a male heir for the king.

In spite of all his efforts, he failed the exam.

I get jealous when he talks to other girls.

Isidore told me I was wrong.

My car was badly damaged in the accident.

We will ask at a travel agency.

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Mr. Green, you are wanted on the phone.

There's nothing else for me here.

Is there any place you want to go?


Let's relax.


I think Timothy is too young.

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I bought the car.

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Jesus doesn't know how to handle children.

I think that there are more people in the countryside with a big heart than there are in the city.

Have you ever seen a meteor shower, where meteors burn up and streak across the sky? Those meteors are burning up in the mesosphere.

I should've realized it was you.

I really need it.

Nowadays many college students are neglectful of their studies.

When do you want me to send these invitations to our customers?


I want a cup of coffee, please.

Lindsay said he could hear Patricia and John arguing.

What's the admission charge?

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The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.

We're coming back tomorrow.

The ground is spongy.

I just wanted to protect you.

The kitchen chairs aren't stackable.

He will sit for hours reading books.

It may seem obvious to Leads, but it doesn't seem obvious to me.

She has a bestseller.

"Is there a glass?" "Yes, there's one on the table."

Someone betrayed us.

Who are your most interesting friends?

The term "autistic savant" is used to describe a person who is autistic and is extremely talented in one or more specialized fields.

Why were you late?


Such a clunker!