They look exhausted.

What you want doesn't matter anymore.

There's not enough food for all of us.

I ordered Anna to do it.

What are the doctor's office hours?

He did a good bit of waiting.


I don't care whether he agrees or not.


I have to be impartial.


I have never seen anyone who knows so much about ancient history.

It's your duty to care for your parents regardless of the inconvenience.

I called in sick this morning.

What's your diagnosis?

I just said I didn't want to talk about it.

Herve shared a news story on Facebook.

Linda was Dan's girlfriend at that time.

I had to respect Kirsten's wishes, so I left.

Alfred got up to put on his jacket.

As a result of the car accident, the driver was severely injured, and the passanger died.

You're not that smart.

You have the wrong number.

Is that a stapler?

I think I'm starting to understand.

Marie was ill.

My friend died from a wound.

Suzanne was in Boston three months ago.


It's too darned hot to do anything today.

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English is my favorite subject in high school.

He's partially right.

I like Joyce and Piotr a lot.

If you don't mind a ghost in the house, it is all right. Only you must remember I warned you.

Mwa was surprised that Spass bought such a small car.

Except for me, there wasn't a single person there.

Well, I don't know where you're from, but in Boston, people who want jobs wear ties.

Odette fell in love with Prince Siegfried.

Why are you dressed like an old man?


Bert is a realtor.

Heidi ordered Perrier.

Not all the students were present at the class.


You're starting to get on my nerves.

Is she asleep?

All the ingredients are fresh.


I have been smoking since I was nineteen.

We have to win seven times in a row to win this tournament.

Although he thought he was helping us, he was only in the way.

Your comments were inappropriate.

Timo and John were in the army together.

He's a seven-year-old boy.

Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.

Come quick!

A diamond that hasn't been cut does't shine.

I've paid a little for that.

Everything would be easier if we could float.

She may spill the beans.

All around, as far as the eye could reach, nothing could be seen but fields of ice, in which the ship remained stuck fast.

He didn't invent gunpowder.

There isn't anyone here but us.

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Grandmother sent us a box of apples.

She shouted that she was safe.

I'm not sure about it.

Astronomy is the science of the universe.

We chose a hotel in the vicinity of the museum.

I hate it when you leave me alone with Shane.

Cynthia met Julie for the first time three years ago.

Your question is illogical.

Allen was satisfied with the results.

Could you please zip up my dress?

You should have kept it secret.

Patricia doesn't know what Carisa wants.

They vowed to marry after the war.

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Don't try to trick me!

Take your notebook and take notes.

And you know what ? We're done !


There was nothing to burn.

If you have any interesting books, lend me some.

You are good to help me.

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I haven't finished speaking yet.

Guido lighted his candles.

Do not interrupt when another is speaking.

You needn't have bought that book.

The boy lost his ear in a street fight.

There's so much to see.

Juliane looked down at what was in his hand.


Jordan was kind to me.

My son is working hard on the field right now.

I'll be there rain or shine.

Did you tell Dieter I was joking?

They live in our block.

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Winston isn't the right man for you.

He has a few friends in this town.

His sister is a popular TV personality.

The seeing of Truth cannot be dualistic (a "thing" seen). It cannot be seen by a see-er, or via a see-er. There can only be a seeing which itself is Truth.

This isn't worth the wait.


Bake in the preheated oven until a paring knife easily inserts into the center of a potato, about 1 hour. Set aside to cool for about 10 minutes.

Do not fuck!

He can't even write his own name.


I don't do that anymore.

Something is the matter with my stomach.

School begins at half past eight.

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I'd better be on my way.


He'll get sloppy.


She was obliged to give up the plan.

I fell off my bike.

I won't take no for an answer.

Will I go to hell if I don't go to church?

They're always fighting among themselves.

I would always go swimming in the sea when I was little.

What did Henry give Boyce?

I may indeed be wrong.

They're playing our song.

I don't want to go out on a limb.

It is going to be rather cool.

The employees are all unionized.

Would you like to come see a movie with us?

He could hardly comprehend what she was implying.

I will never tell this to anyone.


I can't sing in front of people.

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It's a plausible story.

I met my friend.

Somebody here has to know where Joe is.

We try.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.


We pitched our tent under the shade of a large tree.

When the cat's away the mice will play.

You ought to have done something.


Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.

I'd rather not say anything about politics.

Venkata doesn't make the rules.


Arthur has to wait another three hours.

Naoto ran away with the money.

It being a name, I think you can just leave it as it is with no detriment to the translation.

They are both so lovely!

Herman tossed her hair over her shoulder.

Hotta doesn't like classical music.

A stop sign in Japan has 3 sides, whereas a stop sign in the U.S. has 8 sides.

You've been informed of your account state three days ago.

I should've just stayed home and read a book.

We discussed many possibilities.

I don't know how Raj put up with it.


She simply cannot keep her mouth shut, not even for a second.

The snow is white.

Vishal is already on the train.

I wish you'd tell me what's going on.

Where the hell is Doug?


Billy was elected captain.


We're moving to Boston in a year.


Saify broke three dishes.

It will work next time.

Marc opened the door and looked in.

You're always welcome here.

Jane wanted an ice cream cone.

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I stood on a chair so I could reach the top shelf.

Why aren't you giving Narendra the help he needs?

Sonny seems very busy.


Is it really such a big deal?

I made it all up.

The meeting was too long.

Think about your brother!

His daughter has become a beautiful woman.

Kelvin can't see what's written on the blackboard.

Mario poured himself some milk.

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You're just in time.

She hired a private eye.

Spike was still sleeping the last time I looked into his room.

They wanted to try new ways of living.

Let Elric do the dirty work.


Terry doesn't care what Caroline thinks.

He was a disagreeable old man.

I laughed at his joke.