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Generally speaking, Caleb is right.


You need a new one.

We came by several small villages on our way here.

I'd like to finish the job.


Byron seems very tense.

Vassily brought his watch to the watchmaker.

Is this what you want me to do?

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I'm going to her cocktail party.

I thought you studied French.

I don't think you'll like that.

Who do you think will win the tournament?

He made his son attend the meeting in his place.

How many times did it happen?

I don't know if you remember me, but we met a couple of years ago in Boston.


French is difficult to learn.

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They won't bother you anymore.

I think it's going to be a nice day.

It is heartbreaking for our family to accept the likelihood of spending a third Christmas without Triantaphyllos.


My mum is older than my dad.

Physical contact with a child is very important.

I guess you must be very hungry.


Don't leave this room.

Did you attend Harvard?

Seenu left his parents' house this spring and has been living alone since then.

Didn't you get one?

Is eating fish as healthy now as it used to be?

Saify tried to stop Murat.

Why aren't you outraged?


When Sir Alex Ferguson saw that his players were getting tired, he always substituted them.

Your argument has no validity.

He who starts ten tasks won't finish a single one.

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You said you wanted it by any means!


The skirt clings tight to her legs.

We've never done it that way.

Vincent certainly came up with some interesting ideas.

Why don't you go find someone else who needs your help?

Being able to make onself understood in English is vastly different from mastering the language perfectly.

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Excuse me.

Geoff had no intention of waiting that long.

There are three tables in the storeroom.

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Lisa bought three bottles of grape juice.

It's not that cold.

Linda deserves this.

Keep under cover.

Leif has some family in Boston.

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Hirofumi is a hula dancer.

It was built more than 500 years ago.

What do we do about him?

"Is he lying?" "Obviously."

Jeany lives with his aunt.

He was alone in the darkness - and nobody else.

I liked Kit better before he got married.

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I don't want to be part of this.

We're on probation.

What if the problem is you?

I'm still waiting for Helen to show me how to do that.

He suffers from sudden fits of coughing.


Orville has a nice car and lives in a mansion.

I don't think I'll ever meet him.

It is strange that he should not have attended the meeting.

You always were a fast reader.

I sent Eugene back home.


We have no reason to be angry.

I couldn't finish my assignments.

Do I look OK?

Debi introduced me to Sharan.

My stomach hurts.

Swamy filled his glass again.

Don't blame me for what happens.

Kuldip often eats beans, rice, potatoes or pasta.

He's cute but stupid.

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How long does the trip take?

He replied that he did not know.

I'd recognize Hunter anywhere.


Hotta ironed his white shirt.

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What if you get caught?

They induce uncertainty in muscle power, confusion in mind power, and imbecility in soul power.

From bad stems worse.

I've learned my lesson.

I want that turtle home!


"What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

It's a vice.

Let's make it a fair trade.

Geoffrey usually gets up at 6:30.

Waking up is the opposite of falling asleep.

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The upstairs window opened.

That's the last of it.

I can't recall when he moved to Boston.

It wouldn't do any good if you did that.

Kolkka didn't kiss me.

June expects Raymond to come at any moment.

I requested extra salt on my French fries.

I had a bad feeling.

As was mentioned before, this is my basic idea.

Stephan wasn't at the party.

Guido didn't want Malloy to see him smoking.


I don't think you'll die today.

I stopped to smoke.

Jared bent over to pick something up.

We all shuddered from the great shock.

I used to play here.


I want to practice with you.

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Jeany lost confidence in himself.


They all giggled.

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I'd like to make a reservation for the express train that leaves at 6:00 p.m.

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Tell me some jokes, but don't tell me dirty ones.

Consequences will never be the same!

Let's hope it works.

Please call Scot.

I'm fed up with working here.

I wake up early.

What do you study?

The withered flower still had intact petals.

Why don't I just go ask them?

Obesity is considered by far the most serious health issue facing the developed world.

Who should I address the letter to?

Put something on and let's leave already.

There will be three.


Have you even heard a word I've said?

Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?

Mitchell leaned back against the bar.

It is rude to speak with your hands in your pockets.

She reproached me for being lazy.

I didn't bring my wedding ring with me.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.

When we were in high school, Piotr and I used to hang out a lot together.

I feel trapped.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I'm getting depressed.

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Keep away from the fire.

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Why won't anybody answer any of my questions?


Have fun and come back soon.


Could I work part-time?

Only Leon could see the ghost.

Didn't I tell you to stay at home?

Stan is still too young to drive.

Franklin has been honest with Neal.

Kylo didn't want to think about that problem anymore.

My cat will love this.

Giovanni stepped in to help.

Neil showed me how to make pizza.

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She's just my friend.

The boy deserved praise for saving the child's life.

These are the names of the people I'm looking for.

Are your wife and children here?

Nou described exactly what happened.

What would you have us do?

Japan surpasses China in economic power.

By tomorrow, there'll be no more problems.

Dan sent Linda back home.

Piete complained that he didn't have enough time to read.

It's deer season.

Karen has done more than that.

Eva's practice has grown rapidly.

I have visited more than nine countries so far.

It wasn't until long after they got married that The found out that Beverly was wanted for murder.

Would you like a glass of wine?

Can't you see Mitchell is upset?

Give me her picture!

I thought you guys had already left.


We're going to have to get in there.

I didn't attack him.

I don't ever want to leave this room.

I know you know what I'm thinking.

The pasty was delicious.