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We don't know much about Elsa.

I just got a great job because of an introduction from a friend. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it.

Kanthan finally talked Doyle into selling him her old violin.

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Ann never bothered anybody.

His gloom was now compounded by the failing mark on his geometry test.

Do you really want to make your boyfriend jealous?


The last time I smoked was well over a year ago.

In the same amount of time it would take me to correct all the mistakes in your report, I could write a better report myself.

Erik, I want you to speak to Vincent.


They won't detect anything out of the ordinary.

Kazuhiro wanted to live in a big city like Boston.

Is there anything you can do to help?

Stacy showed up 15 minutes late.

Scarcely had I heard the news when I felt inclined to cry.


Are you coming with us?

There's a full moon tonight.

So far as I am concerned, there is no objection to the plan.

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I don't have a horse.

I decided to study every day.

We all want to go with you.

We were all thirsty.

The students hold their teacher in high regard.

I don't know when, but it's likely to happen before next Monday.

When matter is changed chemically, chemical energy is given off.


I will manage. Mark my words.

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After graduation he will engage himself in study.


Stanly will probably win the race.


We ordered pink, but we received blue.

In winter, we must feed the birds.

All you have to do is push this red button.

You'll be missed.

Jesse is coming on too strong.

How smart!

What are you doing for Halloween?


Is there some problem?

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The girl put on dangling earrings.

Is he taller than his brother is?

Tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door.

If only we had a garden!

We've had such good weather lately.

I sure hope I don't catch what's going around.

Share it with us.

Could somebody get Suzan for me, please?

War breaks out when nations try to form their own empires.

Starbuck fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Have you ever seen Eddie not wearing glasses?


Oscar would be perfect for this job.


Human rights organisations complained loudly and repeatedly about the lack of civil liberties in the country under Ro's rule.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful.

We were perplexed by the crossword puzzle clue.

Could I ask a favor of you?

It's pitch black in the basement.


In some species of animals, the female is dominant over the male.

I've already fed the children.

Is it that you're afraid of dying? Or is it a fear of flying? Perhaps, you are afraid of simply trying.

Did you get anything out of Clyde?

They screamed.


I can understand your confusion.

Health is all I want.

I shot him.

Courtney is right here.

She loved him all the better for his faults.

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They began to run when they saw the police.

I'm on my way to work now.

I must tell her that.

This slight improvement has to be set against an enormous increase in crime.

Rodent turned on the car radio.


Jorge Luis Borges spoke English and Spanish since one of his grandmothers was an Englishwoman.

It was childish of him to behave like that.

My body aches all over.

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Do you know how embarrassing this is for Brenda?

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What do you do for a living?


Billie doesn't think it was his fault.

The general limits of your freedom are merely these: that you do not trespass upon the equal rights of others.

I'll be with you as soon as I finish my dinner.

See what the baby is doing!

I couldn't get my car started.

Jianyun followed us here.

They did not notice minute differences.


They were scattered in all directions.

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The doctor told me to avoid certain foods.

Sometimes, I feel like a hamster running on a wheel.

That's quite remarkable.

Kuniko is related to Mr. Nagai.

I wish I'd bought a different color shirt.

The water has been cleaned.

Are you calling me a thief?

Martin lived on a farm.

"Say something in French." "Say something like what?" "Anything's fine." "Bonjour. Merci. There, I said something." "What, you're so boring!" "Didn't you say I could say anything!"

I had repaired my watch.

Since I have a cold, I have no sense of taste.

After a long absence, she returned home.

You're going to stay with us a long time, I hope.

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The English are said to be conservative.


Clark never got out of his car.

The tree fell down.

How were your last exams?

I just run.

She got off the bus and ran towards him.

Eugene does what he wants.

2015 is the year of the wood sheep.

He looked small next to my heavyset father.

In addition, we are looking for an consultant who can assist us in leveraging their expertise of the market to acquire product from manufacturers in the area.

Kusum taught me how to do it.

What happened to her?

She set a bird free.

She has a crush on Justin Timberlake.

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Which way goes to the city hall?


May I dance with you?

Kusum is my half-brother.

You have foul breath.

His behavior was that of a gentleman.

The situation is much worse than we thought.

The sky is clear and the sun is bright.

I was reading.

She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

It is the mouth that gives occasion for shame, and the coat of mail and helmet give occasion to war.


I have some chores to do.

But as civilizations grew more complex, better methods of communication were needed.

Florian isn't the right man for you.

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He studies day and night.

I had a crush on her at the time.

Electricity has taken the place of steam.


Alastair is part of the team too!

It was not very cold yesterday.

I need you now more than ever.


I should've said 2:30.

Thirtieth birthdays often bring with them fears of old age.

How soon can you have this finished?

The duty of a daughter is in obedience.

Blame it on the weather.


That's bad karma.


My hair is still wet.

You shouldn't give the same weight to opinions as you do to facts.

Have you been paying attention?

I think you should check under the bed.

I have to take off.

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Southern newspapers attacked Lincoln.


Please ensure you always include a link-back in your replies. ">>" in plain ASCII + number (e.g. >>1).

I wish Margaret would give us another chance.

He promoted the idea of world government.

She likes that bass.

I had no backup plan.

Study these sentences.

Somebody's knocking at the door.

The fairest rose is at last withered.

I don't think it's a trend.

I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.

Would you like to come over to our house for dinner?

In a popular sci-fi show, there are two android brothers funnily named Data and Lore.

Everybody who's anybody will be there.

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I don't remember actually deciding to do that.

Don't go out with Brandi.

It is also recommended that you should be careful to only translate from sentences "owned" by native speakers. This helps to avoid problems.


That can be confusing.

I polished his shoes for him.

Cristi picked up but didn't talk.


Let's go back to the beginning.

I ate toast for breakfast.

I helped Dalton with his homework.

Where did you draw them?

I'm sorry I yelled at Socorrito.