Can anyone stop Laura?

Rajesh should've won last night.


You can't blame this on me.


The little baby was born yesterday.

I want you to handle it.

I'll try to shape my ideas into a book.

Don't mince words. Tell me what you really think.

Ah, the phone card's already running out.. See you in half an hour.

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I made something for you.

You haven't eaten anything yet, have you?

She really hates him.

I suggest you turn around and go back home.

Be sure to pass the exams.

He is well dressed, but he is anything but a gentleman.

Can you make the deadline?


Pollsters polled 1,000 families on their preferences in TV programs.


He explained to me how to operate the machine.

We're not prisoners.

I don't choose your ties.

I'm not good at small talk.

Laurence seems skeptical.

It could be a big problem.

She seated herself quietly before the piano.

I left a duplicate key to the room with my mother.

It is no joke.


I won't be able to visit you anymore.


I must answer her letter.


You have to get above a "C" in the class.

That's why so many students are absent today.

Why does the rag in your hand smell so good?

Let's get prepared.

Tovah's book was translated into 33 languages and has been published in more than 99 countries all over the world.


My garden is small.

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"I don't think Juliet will do what we asked." "Yeah, me neither."

No special celebration is planned.

Pete doesn't want to give the wrong impression.

She bought a handkerchief for ten dollars.

Earth is not the centre of the world.


I'm not a teacher and don't want to become one.

Margot is very energetic.

How long will you be in town?

Love is like measles - everyone should experience it.

Now listen up well, these might well be my last words.

He put on a suicide act.

Chances are here, take them.

Would you authorize me to record this conversation?

Bring wine.

I don't have any family to support.

We are going to defend our country.

I don't want to go if you don't go with me.

It might help.

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The longer the sentence, the more likely it is to be unique.

I'm sorry. I can't tell you.

I knew you couldn't wait.

Fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing are popular.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.


The new labourer was buggered by smoko.


This is everyone's problem.

This car salesman is not honest.

Don't let them know they're being watched.

Lo, we have conceived a great campaign.

Dr. Klein recommended you to me.

There's something here that Kimberly should see.

The couple parted, never to meet again.


Look at the distant horizon!


He told me where to shop.


Thirteen people were injured.


The funeral was yesterday.

Frustrated with the European languages, which he considered "too boring", Christopher Columbus invented "Columbian", a language so complicated that only he could speak it.

Until now, opinions differed over the question of whether birds could sleep while aloft.

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Vladimir is moved.

Tell them to stop staring at us.

What time are you coming back?

It's a more realistic plan.

Geoff has never been in a car like the one Sarah owns.

Mara has just started learning to read.

Stop reading comic books while working.

You'd better bring Rajendra up to date.

He wanted a back massage.


I'm sure Vaughn didn't intend to hurt your feelings.

I have just eaten lunch.

Anthony has no close friends.


What's keeping her?


It's hot as hell!

I found a beautiful shell on the shore.

I am not young enough to know everything.

Do you intend to help us?

I shouldn't have done that, but I did.

It's not nice to talk like that.

Being a foreigner, I couldn't catch on to the joke.

Everyone made it to the party.

Could we stay at your place for a few nights? I hope I'm not inconveniencing you. I won't take up any more of your time, I promise. I won't trouble you any further.


You can't do that to Walter.


You didn't tell them what they wrote in that blog.

Let us think about it together and dream a little.

I'm going to write a sentence in German.

I'll be happy if you will come with me.

Have you ever cried because of a woman?

Grace probably has better things to do with his time than sit in meetings all day.

They abstain from alcohol.

We need to water the flowers.

Suu isn't a good driver.


She failed and felt humiliated.

The news disturbed her greatly.

Seenu has serious health problems.

Ramesh has a grown daughter.

That young man is going to go far in this profession.

We put them in straitjackets.

I believe that Ariana Grande is going to win a Grammy award.

I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it.

I won't be getting married this year. In fact, I may never get married.

Does your friend like tea?

Is that what you're suggesting?

Woman in a wheelchair holes up in supermarket.

This time I'm paying.


The police think that Teri was the one who poisoned Sjaak.

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That's no excuse.

Talk of devil, and he's presently at your elbow.

You explained that well.

I could never have imagined such a sensation.

Sandeep says he doesn't know how Sridhar stays so thin.

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I confiscated it.


Let's replace all of them.


He was always a rude man; not even his wife made him change.

They put salt in his tea just for a laugh but he didn't find it funny.

Should we tell everybody or not?

She's a bit of a snob.

Who still takes time for a long letter to a friend?

Liz is doing very well considering his lack of experience.

I knew we'd win.

Someone is battering at the door.

First, please take about 3 minutes to introduce yourself.


Antares is a red star.

Is this tea set complete?

They say he's the richest person in the city.

Chandra's extraordinary capabilities make it possible for scientists to study such high-energy objects as supernovae and black holes in greater detail.

Do you want to talk about the affair?

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I don't think it's too bad.

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As she grew older, she became more beautiful.

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What are we going to eat?

Let me talk with Ning.

We can't yet translate from Esperanto to Danish.


From where do you know him?

Let's check that shop, too.

We can see a big mountain over there.

Geoff is obviously trying to cause trouble.

I am very pleased at the news.

By his first wife the peasant had a daughter called Elsa, a good quiet girl, who only wanted to live in peace, but this her stepmother would not allow. She beat and cuffed the poor child from morning till night.

We all went to the party except Joe.

Could you clear the table, please?

This area is off limits to the public.


She cooked us Chinese dishes last night.


How are you going to Milan?

Please contact me later.

Mara didn't like living in the city and moved back to the farm where he grew up.

Ralf certainly made sure we all had a good time.

Because of global warming, it's starting to melt in some parts of Alaska.

The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.

I feel the hunger of a 1000 devils.

Kevan uses paper filter for straining coffee.

We need an attorney with experience in unconventional means.

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The newscaster puts too much emphasis on the food crisis.