Shatter has a full beard.

That's the best way of settling it.

Beth's father discussed with her how strongly he expects her to be quiet.

He has over a million dollars in assets.

The source of many of our mistakes is a lack of patience.

The sound woke her up.

You'd have to have rocks in your head not to take advantage of this offer.

Give me a call sometime.


Any one of you want to come here and redo what I did?

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His business affairs are in good shape.

Everything looked nice.

It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

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Her ideas are quite original.

Yes, so?

It takes a lot of money to keep up such a big house.


I simply cannot get rid of this bad cold of mine.


Go and fetch the food and barbecue from the car!

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George hit him in the stomach.

She was very rich.

Can you wake him up for me?

It's just what it looks like.

The waitress put a white tablecloth on the table.

I'm not going to leave if you don't want me to.

I wasn't aware of that at the time.


There are plenty more of those.

We shouldn't have stayed up all night.

How dare you behave so rudely!

I finally got through the test.

That is a trivial problem.

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I don't care for imitation.

That's a waste of time.

I'll be sixteen on my next birthday.

They had holes in them when I got them.

I have several caps.

I must look into it.

Miriamne isn't as tough as I am.

I must get some sleep.

If he had stayed at home that day, he would not have met with disaster.

She sets your world alight.

I know it's a lot to digest.

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I think Jarvis may be mentally ill.

Space looked around frantically.

A comet has a distinct center called a nucleus.


I must get home before it gets dark.

When we started out in this business, many people said that we would fail.

These gloves belong to them.

Do what is right.

Say which you would like.

They can help.

He lost his ticket for the movie.


Mason has other things on his mind.

The school lies in that direction.

Is this all for real?

I don't feel very good about this.

I visited many parts of England.

I saved for future needs a little money as our marriage fund.

Martine had been working for a local TV channel while her husband was completing a PhD in psychology.


If you're looking that sleepy I think anybody could tell.

I'm not very well.

Let me explain for those living under a rock.

I'm sure we'll be able to do that.

What have I done to deserve this?

He tried to approach her by every possible means.

Gary and Julie are downstairs.

Is the well deep?

We are to take an exam tomorrow.


The CEO raised his salary even though the company was losing money.

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That the king can do no wrong, is a necessary and fundamental principle of the English constitution.

In protected areas hunting is prohibited.

I have no one with me at table, and my own thoughts must be my Christmas guests.

They are just waiting for the storm to pass.

How is Griff these days?

He got a lot of money.

I want the freedom to my country, so that other countries can learn something from my free country.

I wrote this book after I had suffered from a great loss.

My father retired at the age of 65.

I took it in a literal sense.

I thought I heard someone in the kitchen.

"Have you met him?" "No, but I've met his wife."

I'm sorry I did you wrong.

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Bobbie is a late riser.


The hare is running in the garden.


Maybe there's someone else in the cave.

She's a cunning linguist.

Pause the game.

You can't go swimming in this lake.

The company was started with $100,000 in capital.

The dining hall is directly adjacent to the lobby, or rather, from where you are, it's just three steps away?

The drinks are half price until six.

She caught a mouse.

The snail shot out its horns.


I resent your cynical remarks.


A group of foreign students visited Akira's high school.

She advised him not to spend all his money on his girlfriend.

I don't want to be a fifth wheel.

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The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.

I have an apology to make.

I know you're working part-time.

Don't buzz about my ears.

Many parents are worried their children are not being given a basic understanding of numbers.

Hazel challenged Russell to a game of tennis.

I tried to get them to tell me.

That answer's wrong.

He looked back.

His parents came from Germany.

She flatters herself by thinking that she is beautiful.


One word is enough for a wise man.

Jose and Page were exhausted.

Had I realized what you intended, I wouldn't have agreed.

Birds have sharp vision.

You've already eaten the cake?

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He is blinded by love.

Neil and Guillermo are sitting at the bar. Both look a little tipsy.

For these patients, surgical treatment is far from being satisfactory.


I never understood what you saw in that boy.

Why is Bobby hounding me?

Thankfully nothing unfortunate happened.

Tell me again why you like Walter.

Was Suwandi on your team?

Do you miss not being on holiday?

Lenny probably likes it.

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Hohn gave his dog a good scratch behind the ears.


They didn't find us.

May I take your size, madam?

Grave fears are held for Marek's safety.

Sundaresan has agreed to do the job.

Forgive me for my ignorance.

I never called him back.

Success doesn't come easily.

Bicycles are tools for urban sustainability.

We can do it.

There will be long lines at the Customs.

I walk in the rain like an idiot and you're not there.

It hasn't happened yet.

Not knowing what answer to make, I kept silent.

Do you have a mobile, Sonny?

We never talked about religion.


Major should've called.

He's only a couple of years older than me.

What more do you want from me?

I knew what she was thinking.

Fred will help whoever asks him to help.

Barry can't be fired. He's the boss's son.

He abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.

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Valerie is a nasty individual.


The consequences of Sendai's earthquake were dreadful!

He is the very man that I have waited for.

This road will lead you to the center of town.

He checked the plane for possible damages.

It's astonishing, the size of his head.

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He's a different person when he's drunk, so I don't like to drink with him.


Do not resort to the sword but appeal to reason.


How can I fix the lag?

They mistook him for his brother.

Cut, wash and dry, please.

Pierre acts like he's exhausted.

A boy stood by to run errands for her.

He dumped the papers back into the drawer.

Christie took a chance.

You look your best in this suit.

She plans to write a letter after school.

Who are they to tell us what to do?

October 20th was a busy day.


To be frank, I think this 'conspiracy theory' is nonsense.

You're a man.

I did nothing out of the ordinary.

They really did it.

I've been expecting your call.