The cook put the food in the dumb waiter.

The cold weather extended into April.

We don't know how to help them.

Where did you scare them?

The main valve is turned off.

I have nothing in particular to do tomorrow.


What a lovely dress!


Pompeii is crumbling.

The doctor is examining the foot.

Every child in the school took to the new teacher.

Julie grew up in poverty.

He really ticked me off.

When one nation pursues a nuclear weapon, the risk of nuclear attack rises for all nations.

Did anyone follow you?

It's unlikely that anyone besides Kamel would consider taking that job.

The twin brothers look exactly alike.

That's why we're sitting here.

How did you find them?


I'm tired of the monotonous life.


Kiss Allen.

I made a deposit in the bank yesterday.

That spaceship is badass.

There's still a lot left.

They are scheduled to leave for New York on Sunday.

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I'm just finishing up some homework.

He likes to travel by himself.

You'll never guess where we've just been.

"I've found a way to make him really jealous." "Oh, do tell!"

I want a full report before 2:30.


She told me that I could use her room.

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Could you make sure Carlo remembers to bring a swimsuit?

We watered our horse.

Dion already knows a lot.

I ate an apple before I went for a walk.

We have to follow Drew.

Where's Hachi?

Juliet teaches French.

What did he do to my meat?

I'm not being unreasonable.

Is there any zakuska?

You were fantastic.


I enjoyed living in Boston.

Thanks to his recommendation, I was able to get a teaching job at a college in Tokyo.

Pablo built this with his dad.


We should probably wrap up.


I'll get a picture of you giving your speech.

No was thoughtful.

I knew that we'd be late.

She made rice.

Let's call it a day today.


We have more important matters to discuss.

She got the ticket for nothing.

Aimee appears to be happy.

No country should interfere in another country's internal affairs.

I didn't know you were back.

We will never know how he's feeling.

You are free to use this dictionary.

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Axel told Knapper that he had been out shopping.

I'm not sure I know what to do.

An average American child, by all accounts, falls in love with TV.


Are you satisfied, Jitendra?

You would have failed but for his help.

Mother charged me to clear the room.

Do you have a smoke?

I wouldn't eat that if I were you.


I don't feel like I can trust what he says.


They lived very well without working very hard.

We were just finishing up.

I was caught in a shower just now.

He is so crazy about jazz that he often forgets himself.

I would rather be deceived than to deceive.

Most Englishmen are conservative.

Michel will be punished.


What a perfect outlet for my creativity!


Sofoklis wants to get married.

I'm really ready for this.

Has anybody heard from Kyung?

This one belongs to them.

When I saw her son, I remembered her.

Am I right about that?

The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.


Why's Sorrel still doing that?

Vampires change shape.

Thank you for the comments and kind words.


His father disapproved of him.


China is much bigger than Japan.

Like lift, there are many factors that affect the magnitude of the drag force including the shape of the aircraft, the "stickiness" of the air, and the velocity of the aircraft.

Raif has a lot of work to do today.

Nearly all siheyuans had their main buildings and gates facing south for better lighting, so a majority of hutongs run from east to west.

He gave me bread and milk.

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Let's decide with a coin toss.

The children were sitting around the campfire singing songs.

Hy hates Halloween.

She has a large room all to herself.

I could not sleep well last night, because it was so hot.

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He proofread my manuscript.


To write good English requires a lot of practice.

Siping likes to take walks in the woods.

I could sure use that scholarship money.


Imitation of gestures, actions and manners may or may not be a conscious act.


Art started whistling a happy tune.

Don't blame yourself for what happened to Helen.

This thing can't be rushed; it needs long-term planning.

Let's put the Christmas tree here.

She was beguiled by his sweet words.

Ruth will talk to us on Monday.

Do you mind much?


This new town is beautifully laid out.

Nici didn't get a chance to visit the art museum.

She left the company after 20 years.

My robot will prepare meals, clean, wash dishes, and perform other household tasks.

He left his keys in the car.

And if he keeps messing with me I'll cut his head off!

We're going to get that.

It's probably good that Ginny can't remember what happened.

I love Basque.

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Brian wants to party all the time.

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I eat in the classroom.

I thought you needed the sleep.

She is dear to me.

The baby seems to be sleeping soundly.

All you have to do is sign your name here.

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I should clean up.

I should go to Boston.

The knight Tristan loved the princess Iseult.

I really like travelling.

I'm not going to change.

The advent of indoor tanning salons now allows Canadians to sport a sun-kissed look all year round.

Should we wait for Jay?

He shall go to the bank.

Marci hacked his way through the jungle alone.

Ravi is waiting for Case to return.

He has worked in France his whole life.

The British ship was captured and brought to the United States.

Don't even think of it.

Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done.

I've never tried driving a car.

She is herself again.

They soon used up their food supplies.

What color are you going to paint Hillel's bedroom?

You would apply for that job.


There's no point talking to you, because you won't do as I say anyway.

I must have caught a cold.

Pieter changed into his school uniform.


A water drop hollows a stone not by force but by falling often.

They tore off their clothes.

What are you going to play?

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Can you answer that?

I haven't spoken to anybody.

I wasn't even driving that fast.

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What is an open folder?

Saad helped us all.

I'm taking a fertility drug.

She claims to have seen kobolds.

Both of us are very fond of curry and steak.


It made me feel better.


Men are better at this than women.


The whole place got quiet.

I want you to tell Louise to go home.

I usually agree with Monica.


Norman would've loved that.

We'll come and visit you.

When you were two years old, you could count to ten.