I couldn't do anything about that at the time.

How come you ate the cucumber, you dimwit? You knew that I wanted to make a cucumber mask!


Her knowledge of English is great.

The loaded desk groaned again.

I'll go get cleaned up.

He was broken by the failure of his business.

Can I talk you for a second?


I come from Trondheim.

No one claims that he's a saint.

It happened that I was out then.

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Leads's father died before he was born.

I like all sorts of paintings.

Mara told his dentist that he brushes his teeth after every meal.

My mother always told me I would be able do anything I wanted to do if I put my mind to it.

If it had not been for her help, you would never have done it.

Raif wanted to pee.

But by leaving the humidifier on all night in the morning condensation's pouring off the windows ...


You sounded just like them.

I saw the boy in brown shoes.

You'll have to ask Dan.

The village is connected with our town by a bridge.

Having studied Japanese, Jenny had no trouble in Japan.

Leave Jarmo out of this.

Let's never lose hope.

They've taken Shatter home.

His car was seriously damaged when he backed into a telephone pole.

The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Bell.

This is a meeting room, not a waiting room.

We're looking forward to our vacation.

I'll see what I can do, but I can't promise you anything.

That red dress becomes her.

Tangerines are smaller than oranges.

Raif has secretly been in love with Beckie for years.

How are complaints handled?

Bart wondered what Randolph was so upset about.

Nicolo is currently on death row.

Naoto got in his car and went home.

I've never told anyone that before.

Natraj bikes to school.

During the hot season, my son's skin breaks out easily.

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This is a message for Thierry.

I cannot accept the fact that he is dead.

Vladivostok is a city in Russia.

You guys are always so busy.

Jimmy doesn't know where Dawson parked her car.

Shut up and listen!

Ernest climbed up the ladder to the roof of the garage.


Couldn't those parts have been replaced?

Teriann decided to learn all he could about computers.

Gerard looks astonished.

You've made several mistakes.

The three major monotheistic religions are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


When will you be back home?


Gretchen is a lot of fun, isn't he?

I told Sanity to be quiet.

It became his habit by degrees.

I've never seen anything so beautiful.

Of all these books, this is by far the best on China.

Nadeem put his hand on Jean-Christophe's shoulder.

Barrett has a rock collection.


She fixed him something to eat.


Sally continued to make excuses and blamed the dog.

I never said that!

Why did you not tell me this?

You might have heard of me.

They also need help.

Is he a real doctor? He talks so normally.

Tokyo is supposed to be a very safe city.

The Shinanogawa river is the longest river in Japan.

Millions of beneficial organisms live in the human digestive tract.


Celeste won't want to wait.

I watch television.

What's your favorite painting medium?

Thank you very much. You should also feel free to ask me for help in the future.

There was a plate of uneaten food on the table.

Have you fed the dog?

Why didn't you come the other night?


Sue could've done better.

Where did you oil them?

The wicked man is scared of heights.


Nowadays nobody believes in ghosts.

Here's a box of chocolates for you.

She looks amazing tonight.


They're not metal.

He objected to the opinion of his manager.

I'm the tallest in our class.

I'm cooking soup in a large pot.

It wouldn't be safe to go there by yourself.


Nobody knows what happened to the jet.


Don't care.

He bought new cycling shorts.

He studied day and night with a view to becoming a lawyer.

It is in the pocket of my jacket.

Revised seems stupid.

I understood.

The wind still blows hard.


What gifts did you ask Santa for?


If anything happens, call me.

It's a tough one.

I sometimes suffer from pain in my lower back.

I would do the same for what you did for me, but unfortunately I find myself in a difficult and disastrous situation.

It's a drop in the bucket.

She can jump high.

I want to make a reservation for JAL flight one to Tokyo on May 12.

Both Manjeri and Louiqa can swim quite well.

He made the most of the chance.

Manual labor is necessary in this company.

Kitty will be a good teacher.

Call me Ishmael.

The streets of New York are very wide.

I'm filled with love for you.

It matters little what you do.


He is capable of running a mile in four minutes.

I told you I didn't do it.

Neither approach is ideal.

He won first prize as a result of his great effort.

Is that what you would do?

The cat thanked them for the ham, and gave them a pocket-handkerchief and a comb.

I don't think it's anybody's fault.

Lou has a nice collection of modern paintings.

I personally don't think so.


Carsten is here for you.

You could invite me.

American workers began to protest.

She's a very nice girl.

I'm afraid that I might make you angry.

Are you going to do it?

Randal treated her wounded knee.

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The purpose of punctuation is to help the reader.

They argued that he killed her.

The plane landed in the ocean.

Is your French improving?

She seems to hate you.

This child solved the complicated mathematics problem easily.

It has been raining nonstop for three days.

We hiked through a tropical rain forest when we visited Brazil.

Friends are always prepared to help each other.

Angus has a sore knee.

Shankar left on time.

I was pretty happy.

Envious people die, but envy never does.

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Kevan never cried, no matter how badly he was beaten.

When I came home, I felt very hungry.

Srinivas dried his hair with a towel.

I have been his greatest fan all my life.

I met him first thing in the morning.

Laurie is going to the United Kingdom for vacation.

We had to walk the last leg of the journey.

Hughes had never spoken to Dion before that time.

Did you bake a cake?

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He expresses himself in a strange way.

I've been up 36 hours straight.

How long has Sridharan studied French?

Maurice's flight has just taken off.

To err is to be human.


Food is not love.

It's time for your shot.

We must do it again.

He was tired, but he kept working.

I didn't eat anything for six days.

He's a gigolo.

The curtains were taken down.

Are you broad-minded?

Forget what I just told you.

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He gave me a hint.

The king exacted taxes from his people.

You are always doubting my word.


Are you going to wear that dress to the party?

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Once a year does not hurt.

Five gallons of regular, please.

Apparently, all Kamiya's other problems are solved.


I actually had fun tonight.