You will be paid according to your ability.


We are a part of a community of thousands of current and former members of This Group.

Wake not at every dog's bark.

How come your Spanish is that good?


Ernst seems to be very lonely.

Do you care to hazard a guess?

Walk with me, Sofia.

Byron is depressed and lonely.

They must be educated enough so that they will make a wise choice.

This tunnel was once considered the world's longest.

There is nothing like dancing after all. I consider it as one of the first refinements of polished society.

She grinned toothlessly and, after a cackle, spoke, "Now your third wish. What will it be?"

They say you should consult the past if you want to learn about the future. History has a lot to teach us.

I'll make him call you back just as he returns.

Tell Herman I'm going out for a drive.

Bertrand has a lot of experience.

Mother Teresa used the prize money for her work in India and around the world.


Carlos doesn't make the rules.


Laurent will call me.


The boys are throwing a ball in the back yard.


Floria noticed something strange.

I've never heard such a thing.

School begins on April 8.


Every year, I buy new notebooks for school.

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

Please help yourself to the desserts.

Present only questions that can be answered by yes or no.

Kathy is considering several possibilities.

I saw him do it.

Hank shot down the enemy aircraft.

This is expensive.

Chris meant a lot to me once.


I studied English for four years with a native speaker.

She was very rude to him.

I left a message for her.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

Pedestrians carry a high risk in traffic.

The cat plays a game, but the mouse dies.

All the details will be discussed today.

It just seems stupid.


Gideon accompanied me on the piano.

He didn't hesitate to tell his wife the truth.

Roxanne received a letter from Joni this morning.

Do you not get bored of videogames all afternoon?

The house is situated on the top of the hill.

Mitch doesn't know who Kamiya's boyfriend is.

He raised his arm to protect his child from getting hurt.


He's still here in the classroom studying.

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Despite everything, the world is still beautiful.

My father is good with tools and does almost all the repair.

The pilot explained to us why the landing was delayed.

It would be better for you to read more books.

Each month, a gift certificate worth 10,000 yen will be given to thirty people chosen at random who have completed this questionnaire.

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To our great surprise, he suddenly resigned.


The difference between you and me is that I'm actually interested in trying to do the right thing.


I barely know her at all.


One-third is less than one-half.


We just couldn't make it happen.


Spare me the grisly details.


Higher education is the single most important investment students can make in their own futures. At the same time, students are taking on increasing amounts of debt to pay for it.

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Matthias is a bright boy.

Living in poverty is some women's fantasy. They think it's somewhat romantic.

Wage settlements in Japan this year were moderate.

I play football since I was thirteen.

He ducked down on one knee.

Shall we talk about it over a cup of coffee?

I've already read some of what you wrote.

Receive a cure from a doctor, learn from a wise man.

I wish I could figure out how to burn a DVD.


When Isabelle translates one of my sentences, I feel glad to be alive.

I'm off to bed.

I could fix that easily.

The river has dried up.

He didn't even read it.

I do not quite agree with you.

I invited Jenine to my house.

It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

Be careful. That knife is sharp.


Why can't Go be popular in Turkey when it is so in Japan?

We plan to have a welcoming party for Mr. Clark who came to Japan the other day.

Sometimes little kids aspire to be strange things.


Glen is a jock.


I don't think it's odd at all.

That would violate our rules.

Her technique is superb, but she needs to play with more expression.

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I don't know what to make of this.

I don't remember seeing it before.

Japan's dependence on foreign trade is not necessarily very high as a percentage of GNP.

I stepped in the mud.

He wants to engage in business.

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Jeffie looks happier today.

Carsten pulled over to the side of the road.

There's something we need to talk about.

I've been eating protein.

Procrastinating was a terrible idea, as Patricio found out that he had completely omitted an important essay.

Could I work part-time?

Aren't you going to miss them?

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He was sent to prison.

She's Vince's older sister.

There are hundreds of books in his study.


I spent my whole morning all in tears trying to fish my wedding ring from the drain.

Nici decided that it wouldn't be sensible to try to cross the old rope bridge.

I've never seen them that mad.

What's the track for the limited express?

I could come back later.


Send me your picture.

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I saw a cat running after a dog.

Dan didn't even wonder why Linda crossed the street.

He is making an appointment for them.

Where is the cake with raisins?

I think we've waited long enough.

He chose three beautiful roses for her.

I read four new books.

People tend to raise their voices when they get excited.

Sometimes you need to have the courage to make tough decisions.

Let's go early.

Unfortunately, these things take time.

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It would mean a lot to Wendi if you showed up at his party.

I'm sure Tran wouldn't mind.

Money doesn't just fall from the sky.


Eddy probably should've been at today's meeting.

No matter what happens, I will never change my mind.

He devoted himself to reading books.

The accident robbed him of his sight.

Something has caught Presley's attention.

He left early.

This really is a nice-looking briefcase, but it's expensive.

What would you have told her?

I like fishing.

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It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

A beaver needs to fell hundreds of trees to dam a river.

Copernicus studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Krakow.

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I'm really not too happy about it.


Why shouldn't Lee talk to you?

I like seafood.

Nobody messes with Donald.

Where did you meet your girlfriend?

I am ashamed to call you my friend.

How many kilometers did she walk?

At first, I thought he was your brother.

Everyone needs a place to call home.

Here, look for yourself.

I wouldn't have dreamed of it.

You do understand me, don't you?

It doesn't look like very many people will attend the banquet.

I love those warm summer nights by the lake.

Take out your homework.

That's something I wish I could do.


I just need some rest.

I don't think it's odd.

Woe to the vanquished!

I didn't want to bug you.

Could you keep still, everyone?

Housewives may well complain about their daily routine.

What's the difference between these two?


He asked me if I wanted to dance.

Oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Jianyun is obsessed with learning French.

The soldiers clicked their heels together.

Roxana ate breakfast while his wife read the newspaper.