The cherry cordials are her favorites out of the whole chocolate box.

I didn't notice the light turn red.


I can't stand violence.

We'll need more money than that.

I told her to go.

He is a lovable person.

Benjamin didn't read the book his teacher had told him to read.


Stay in here, please.

I wonder if he dares try again.

Then she told the King the evil deed which the wicked witch and her daughter had been guilty of towards her. The King ordered both to be led before the judge, and judgment was delivered against them. The daughter was taken into the forest where she was torn to pieces by wild beasts, but the witch was cast into the fire and miserably burnt.

Do you plant pumpkins?

She melted snow.

Am I so different?

The U.S. exports billions of dollars' worth of passenger airplanes.

I know you've got a gun.

We learn by experience.

My father has been in hospital for two months.

I wondered what had happened to Klaus.

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They're absolutely certain.


I prefer your eau de vie to your conversation.

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Get back in there.

You made me very happy.

Every fable ends up with a moral.


Nicolo was rescued by forest elves after she had become stranded in the forest.

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Tuan seldom uses power tools.

I don't need that.

You are going to the phone and calling the doctor!

You said you were a doctor.

Leo is drinking coffee.

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I want to know who's staying with us.

The novel is worthy of praise.

Love and desire are two different things; for not everything that is lovely is desired, nor everything desired worthy of one's love.


You need to respect Ira's privacy.

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My goldfish died.

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Sherri and Milner often help each other.


When freedom of the press was fresh, newspapers were even more scurrilous and libelous than today.


Alvin has gained weight since I last saw him.

I would rather order beer.

Is he cute?


What do you think should be done about it?

Who wants to work on a Friday night?

A frown may express anger or displeasure.

This garden is at its best in summer.

You have located Glen, haven't you?

I got all choked up when I heard Ryo's voice on the telephone.

He understands ideas such as "same" and "different."

What is your nickname?

Ramanan said Noam didn't know how to speak French.


What were the symptoms?

What time shall we make it?

The question is what does it mean.

As a poet he flowered in his twenties.

He saw a pretty girl.

I'll see them.

Are you sure Stuart will let us swim?

He was shocked to hear that his daughter had shoplifted.

I asked Kinch to stop pounding on the wall.


Karen has what Benjamin wants.

I wanted to be a good friend to you.

Marsh noticed that he and Dorothy were finally alone together.

Can you cancel?

Food is one of the great pleasures in life.

You weren't counting on my evangelizing power!

The boy took great pains to solve the quiz.


You should be careful what you wish for.

We're out of luck again.

That's not so serious.

If I'd wanted your opinion, I'd have asked for it.

What are you going to tell Vilhelm?

What are you?

I have false nearsightedness.

3 plus 5 is 8.

I never thought this rubber band would come in handy when I put it in my pocket this morning.

Where do you want me to put this suitcase?

My dad's name is Fritz.

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How's it going, Adrian?

Tigger has agreed to babysit the kids Monday evening.

Maybe Wolfgang will help us find Neil.

I expect a subway station will be here in the future.

When she came to Berlin to study, she was still very young.

This farm has belonged to our family for generations.

Ariel was found dead in the alley behind the restaurant.

I know you don't want to disappoint Lyndon.

I found a job.

That seems like a good idea.

Maybe Sundaresan has problems.

You need a change of air.

I intend to stay in Kyoto with my aunt.


We're the only ones here who know Joel.

This is Rod, my colleague.

Soccer is an old game.


Let's do lunch!

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Admission is $3.00 at the door.

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I regret missing the chance to meet her.

We got the job done on time.

Blake is married to a teacher.


Much of the modern resistance to chastity comes from men's belief that they "own" their bodies.

Marcos knows where I live.

Have I asked you whether you can speak Zhenjiang dialect?

I'd be content if you paid me with cash.

I just couldn't sleep.


Per refused my request.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

There is no mother who doesn't love her own child.

She is a good writer.

Duncan got back home before midnight.

He kissed me and then I slapped him.

What's your diagnostic?

This never crosses my mind.

Grant and Angus are still waiting.


God blesses the poor before the rich.

My hometown is in the center of Kobe.

Somalia is called "as-Sumal" in Arabic.

I won't eat this.

Yumi is one of my friends.

Do you know Gunter's surname?

Let's pretend we're busy.


When does the restaurant close?

That's all you have to do!

If we share this cake we shall neither of us have enough.


Aside from a brief flirtation with belly dancing, Kristi decided she would rather kick-box.

Helen actually apologized to Nick.

He had the luck to catch the train.

Joubert will be here in half an hour.

You should be able to walk in a few days.

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Don't you want to come along?

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Something is asked of me.

I've come to offer my congratulations on your engagement. Honour and long life to you, my friend.

Konrad always wears blue shirts.

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Martha couldn't convince Leslie to go home.

We'll be back in school in a couple of weeks.

We have been learning English for three years.

This is not a convincing argument.

That dog is loved by the whole family.


He also saw it.

I went for a walk with my son.

I'm lying.

Carlo, will you stop that?

The Council Education Committee wants to close a school, but some people don't agree with the idea.

You can now follow the Pope on twitter.

Tell me where he is.


Eddy has three cars.

Every house had a garden.

We should've let the police handle the problem.

Is this camera for sale?

The taste of sugar is too noticeable.


Take a chance!


Po was the only person in the room at the time.

She's always finding fault in him.

You can stay in the extra bedroom if you want.


They drink a lot of lemonade.


The children were all drawing pictures of animals.


Warren is vain.


They know who they are.


Sit still.

My old fashioned grandfather complains about the way girls are dressed nowadays.

She asked for help, but no one came.

Please plow the snow to the left of the maple tree so you don't block the trailer.

Snakes can be hard to spot.


My life is very happy.