Marguerite is analytical.

This luggage porter is very strong.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

It's not just a game.

The hailstorm ruined crops.

I need to get one.

Rhonda is probably still in Boston.


I bet he isn't telling the truth.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she still did it.

The police arrested the suspect in the case.

I want to make her proud of me.

Eduardo could've hurt himself.


When did Hon find out that Hui was seeing John?

You're doing good work there.

We'll save you a place.


The difficulty in life is the choice.

Brian is very old, isn't he?

Kris is no longer working here.

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I hate places like Boston, Chicago, etc.

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We kept the fire burning.

I couldn't ask for a better holiday!

Kuldip told The about what happened.


Juergen has been calling every day.


She works like a maniac.

She dressed up and left for the party.

I broke her heart.


She needed the money desperately.

Who's the little guy?

I don't like the poor, they think only of money.

The space cadets said that at the end of the wormhole might be another universe.

Isn't that a surprise?

He is no better than a thief.

Kerri didn't mention what he'd done.


Things didn't go the way I planned.


Ernest is interesting.

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I asked for Andrew.


She was mimicking the various people in our office.


For this design house it was an appropriate strategy to introduce even more radical colors into computer production.


Drew has trouble getting along with other people.

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I can do that right now.

I'm fairly certain Jochen doesn't believe us.

I need coloured pencils.

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I cried for an hour. I couldn't stop.

We're not children, so don't treat us like children.

She suspected that it was too late.

I found it best to say nothing about the matter.

Your son-in-law gave it to him, for he needed it badly.

I think that's where Sedat is.

Randell said you were almost killed.

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I ended up at Wilson's place after walking around all day.

We've been trying.

Promise you'll tell Butler about this.

They walked over the mat.

We talk all the time.

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Let's bypass the protection circuit.

Good shot, kid. You got him.

Leaving the restroom we must wash our hands!

Duane looks a lot more like your father than you do.

I want to do something that I can't do if I'm not pressed for time.

"Waitress, what's this fly doing in my soup?" "Looks to me to be backstroke, sir!"

What do you think of Alastair's beard?


The old man spoke to me in French.

The heart of man is the place the devil dwells in; I feel sometimes a hell within myself.

My son took a piece of candy from the box.

My advice would be to avoid Claude today.

Sam used to be angry all the time.

Margarita is making a margherita pizza while drinking margaritas.

I am extremely tired.

Syun is no longer a child.

Are you spontaneous?

Every once in a while, a carriage passed by me.

Try and calm down.

Don't you worry about them.

If wishes were horses, beggars might ride.

Kay dipped a strawberry in chocolate and then put it in his mouth.

Wait, don't shoot!

Would you tell me your email address?

Do you have a search warrant?

It's sad to see Sue so unhappy.

We just want to find them.

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She is embarrassed to breastfeed in public.

Leonard's duties include raking the leaves.

May I request a favour of you?

We'll be in touch if we have any further questions.

I hope I don't say something stupid.


She earns 30 dollars per day.


There's nothing left to be done.

You can reduce your home's heating and cooling costs through proper insulation and air sealing techniques.

I must insist.


Rafael just wants something to eat.


Trying is quite a catch.

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Did you know that your oven doesn't work?

Hienz parked his car behind Skeeter's house.

I finally feel appreciated.

Do you have your own room?

Edgar was clearly skeptical.


I thought it would be cool.

We came by to wish you luck.

I want to stay here.

I've already thought about that.

Italy's country code is 39.


That baby knows how to walk.

Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks.

We thought that would be enough.


One day, when Vice was going back home from school, something twinkling fell down from the sky.

Once a month, she has lunch with her father.

Francois thinks that the sun revolves around the earth.

There are three different types of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't.

You can't hurt us.

Everybody laughed at the way Maurice was dancing.

I don't understand what you mean.

I asked Carolyn to talk to his parents.

List won't want to go with us.

What is your name?

Nicolette and Alice are a legally married same sex couple.


Start now, and you will get there in time.

Howard joined his high school's debating team.

The town was established in the 18th century.

Moreover, because he was handsome, he was ill-suited to working as a teacher in a girls' school.

Werner is building a new house.


The weakest go to the wall.


Nobody can ensure that.


Was that man harassing you?

I have no matches because I don't smoke.

I hope you're insured.

We have surprised the enemy.

We don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.


I thought you had kids.

The cat catches mice.

Kit wanted to ask many questions.

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Sal rummaged through her bag.

She wants to become thin very much.

She is one person I can't live without.

No one will bother you here.

Get in touch with me.

Chang-Yong Lim, the straight pitch that wriggles like a snake.

You'll understand how terrible this accident was when you read the article.

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He failed to write to his father that week.

The policeman observed the man open the door.

She wants to move out and find a place of her own.

Mr. Wang is Chinese.

There's an urgent need for medical supplies.

I didn't say I believed it.

Julianto tried to reason with Galen.


Harold appeared to be in his early thirties.


I can't go anywhere.

I like this airline's in-flight meal.

They are shrewd in trade.


The bartender greeted Laurel by name.

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They are neighbours.

Who eats bugs?

Mexico is a country in North America.

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Dawn tried his best to get here, but he didn't make it.

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He's an expert kisser.

Marlena slammed down the phone.

Does anybody have a desire to take a walk to the sea?

You can't keep hiding from me, Catherine.

I still correspond with an old friend of mine from time to time.