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I never listen to her anyway.

Olaf isn't a soldier.

The alien uses levitation and telekinesis.

Am I allowed to leave?

I always kept my promises.

OK, let's make this quick.

It's getting better.

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What did Trying tell Tim to do?

I'll borrow an umbrella from somebody.

He is a monster.


These containers are airtight.

In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.

The paramedic said there was no safe way to move Starbuck.

We were sure the Earth went around the Sun.

That's not what I had intended to do.

Is this a newspaper or a magazine?

He thinks that I don't know what he said.

The policeman fined him.

That was my motivation.

Tyler was born and grew up in the same part of Virginia as William Henry Harrison.

I was able to answer the question.

It's no use thinking about one's lost youth.

He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.

Don't you think this has gone far enough?

What does it contain?

It took some time before he realized his mistake.

They not only rejected the study of science out of the christian schools, but they persecuted it.


Each of us read the book in turn.

The boss said this group is a real mixed bag. I wonder if he places me with the wheat or the chaff.

Is it snowing out there? Look, it's already starting to appear on the ground there!

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It's become a hassle to keep on dyeing my hair.

Shaw wanted me to lie.

Gotta catch 'em all.

I want a full report before 2:30.

Shaw put his hand on mine.

I thought that was a good thing.

You should not play on his generous nature.

I feel horrible about that.

He must have already come.

The Japanese live mainly on rice.

The boy rolled downstairs.

Paint the trees against the background of the blue sky.

I've never gone fishing at night.

A man's worth lies in what he is rather than in what he has.

Hamilton said that he had eaten lunch with his friends.


Renu was at the sink washing dishes.

Rudy and Dustin folded up the flag.

Come on in.

I gather you're not interested in the job.

We didn't look very long.

You should write a book!

At that time, the Romans ruled land and sea.

It's better than the movie.

Troy took a breath and then started swimming underwater.


Alastair came back home just in time for Christmas.

You can walk there, but it'll take you about thirty minutes.

In 1642, Abel Tasman became the first European to see Tasmania.


We have ninety minutes to carry the concrete from the mixing plant to the worksite.


We have fixed some paint chips from rocks on your car.

Brazil is a young country without a commitment to the past.

Someone somewhere must care.

There were tons of people at the park.

It was absolutely amazing.

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You must fulfill your promise without fail.

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Tell me the exact time when the next train will arrive.

What are you asking us?

Where did you get on the train?

I can't eat chocolate!

You owe me a lot.

They refused to treat him as a serious candidate.

I cannot finish my work today.

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Jarvis has to follow our rules.

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Is everything okay at the office?


I'll be there at two o'clock without fail.

Liza didn't know what to do first.

I would have never known you.


I make the building out of wood.

He belongs to a large family.

His attempt proved to be a failure.

He is sitting cross-legged.

It's nice to see him so happy.

Shut up and let me think.

I'll win no matter what it takes.

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I had the feeling that Win was going to be late.

I thought it was a foul ball.

I cooked venison.

I like your eyes!

We have an extraordinary design team.

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I had to study French when I was in high school.


Don't you think Harmon has a beautiful smile?

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God created me.


What kind of car is that?

I don't like alcohol, period.

Justice demands retribution!

The games must go on.

That's a clear case of "water off a duck's back".

These things never happened.

This politician proposed a green tax to fight global warming.

The more cheese, the more holes. The more holes, the less cheese. Thus: The more cheese, the less cheese.

The man helped me when I was in trouble.

Proud warrior, he answered, do you have an economist in your army?

Hans has plenty of money.


I think your basic theory is wrong.

You're always hungry!

Both wooden pieces are different shapes.


I quit after a week.


Mr Gilmore is so well-known as to need no introduction.

No one seems to have any idea where John is.

Yes, she was a shy girl.


He likes to learn it off by heart.

We tortured them.

I was afraid it would not work out well and sure enough it failed.


This is the second time I have arrived in China on my own.


How long did it take Gilles to build the doghouse?

This is difficult to do.

I'm sure Lord is just trying to help.

Nate gave us what we needed.

The taller a tree is, the harder it is to climb.


Is this everything?

I'm glad you're my friend.

She is very anxious about his health.

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Gunnar said that it was a mistake and that he would not do it again.


You have my attention already.

I never played golf.

He's good looking for his age.

It has been a long time since I was in my hometown.

Have you ever been married?

That's apparently not a crime.

She was afraid of hurting him.

A helicopter flew overhead.

I've run out of gas.

Dan was responsible for twenty eight bank robberies.

Tad must've left the water running.

I never thought I would get married.

Arlene works on an oil rig.

You know I'm not good with secrets.

How did he earn his daily bread?

As a result of the storm, he didn't arrive.

I came to say goodbye.

I'm not suicidal.

The edges of shadows can be sharp or soft.


I'm not trying to impress him.

I'm not going to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.

Nati and I were watering the flowers, then she decided to water me!

Our galaxy is called the Milky Way.

You can handle it.

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The only one who knows where Darci is hiding is Rees.


He gave up his attempt once and for all.


Yesterday I ran across her at the station.

He has nothing in common with her as to their tastes.

Uri asked Antonio to behave herself.


Humans are sentient beings.


Let me buy you a drink, too.


There are ducks on the pond.


They entered the forest.


I don't care.


They were angry about several things.

Jenine looked at his cards and smiled.

Give it up.

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This might ruffle some feathers.