Are you suggesting that we ignore Tai's request.

No, I don't. I want to learn sometime.

As more paper money came into use, the value fell.


Get them over here.

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Can I talk to you for just a second about what happened in Boston?

He's acting on his own.

I don't know how long this situation is going to last.

You drank too much.

I'm sure I can find something for you to eat.


Karen's skirt is riding up.

Your cut wound doesn't hurt as much as before, right?

Douglas is in prison.

This boy is from Columbia.

You have to take that into account.


What he says is brief and to the point.


"Are the drinks free?" "Only for the ladies."

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Paul, stop pulling my hair!

They're stealing your car!

You'll need your strength, Tolerant.

Ramon will explain everything.

I met him last year at a party.

I know the person in the next room is either Varda or Takeuchi.

You're really beautiful.

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Owlets are cute.

I grew up eating Japanese food.

She doesn't speak to me.


Philip and I barely know each other.

I'm sorry, my father's not here.

Sean thought about this.


The cat says "meow".

It was bound to happen that way.

Both sheets of paper are the same shape.

These riots are engineered by Washington's neocons.

Po's boss is very demanding.

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I like walking at night.

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I've waited for it.

Perhaps we could get a drink sometime.

Serdar has trouble making himself understood in French.


Do you want to know what I would say?


Sam tried to hide behind his father.

The cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages.

The newcomer carried off the first prize.

"Did you say something?" "No. Did you?"

Carl already told me.

Don't worry, you'll like it.

I measured the board in inches.


Where is the book?

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It will be a long time before this patient gets well again.

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I haven't talked about this in a long time.


What a tall boy Tony is!

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I haven't eaten anything unusual since I've returned home from my trip around the world.


I have to repair the refrigerator.


I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.

"Can I join you?" "Sure."

The workers are complaining about their working conditions.

Have you seen my pen?

I know that he set them all against me.

You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.

A guy named Morris came to see you.

Everybody is busy except me.

I may die tomorrow.

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I never forget too.

His blue eyes were clear and bright.

Will you pay attention, please?

That was a question Gerald dreaded answering.

Shut up and do as you're told.

He gave us a false story.

There's a change in the type of crimes.

Solar energy does not threaten the environment.

The opening in this sweater is small and my head won't go through.

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Don't tell Pravin why.

The rainfall was very heavy.

He hit a fly into right field.

I finished one off.

Is that really going to happen?

I bet Ann will be late.

I'll work.

To equip a dull, respectable person with wings would be but to make a parody of an angel.

We've sent the invitations yesterday.

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When I was young I wouldn't wear pants.

Roxana is getting a cup of coffee.

Can I talk to you for just a second about what happened in Boston?

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You should turn off the mobile phone.

Can we effect a compromise?

If Congress ever ratifies that law, we are all doomed.

Angus is living apart from his wife.

I can squeeze you in.

When the cold winter began, the old man's health deteriorated.

I'm in training.


Amanda enjoys eating out.

Luke was poor.

I am going to the swimming pool.

His black coat blended into the darkness.

Bradford doesn't seem to know the answer.

Compared with his brother, he is not so tall.

Her repertoire on the piano is not very large, but she has learned every piece by heart.

Do you know where the can opener is?

I'm not quite sure who I should ask.

I am locking up the documents in the desk.

That's the trend.

You had played.

She's used to going to the museum on Sundays.


For all his riches he is not happy.


What do you think of Lanny?

The loss amounted to 100 dollars.

I must buy new skis.

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Oh crap, it's past the consume-by date. That's why you threw up!

Are you artistic?

Sumitro passed with flying colours.

I can't steal for you.

Cole heard the sound of breaking glass.

Dan taught Matt the art of romance.

The crow flew away.

She was aching from head to foot.

There's a chance that tap water may contain harmful substances like chlorine and lead.


Israel told me to take good care of you.

Jerry got married last year.

Timothy didn't have to study.

The policeman's quick arrival surprised us.

He went home without so much as saying good-bye.

I didn't know you were hiring.

From the inside, the Earth is very hot.

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It's all your fault.

Marty watches too much TV.

China and Mongolia are separated by the Great Wall of China.

If you care to, you may come with us.

I don't see it that way.

Jeffie is a fervent churchgoer.

Swimming here is very dangerous.

Will you tell me why you like her?

I'm trying to think of some ideas for this article I'm writing.

He got over his difficulties.

It snowed for days on end.

We were hoping you could tell us.

The stomach pains went away.

Why are you talking like that?

Randall left a note for Jerome.

The people want to translate things that are more interesting.

Roland went up to her room and didn't come down, even for supper.


Did you buy these for me?

Are you lying right now?

Suzanne's girlfriend knitted him a sweater.


Don't ask me. I'm just the janitor.

Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.

Which one will be our final resting place?


Two people spent the night adrift after their boat capsized in choppy waters.

At first I thought I liked the plan, but on second thought I decided to oppose it.

Marci was supposed to be here.


Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

Music is his passion.

Would you consider this a good proposal?

Muscle tissue consists of innumerable cells.

This is the funniest book in my reading.

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

I've got to finish this essay by tomorrow.

Can you pull me out of here?

Everyone shouted for joy when they heard the news.


My bacon is ready.

There is a mysterious legend surrounding this lake.

We have to cut business expenses here. Haven't you ever heard of looking at how much you're getting before you start spending?

See "/docs" for the full documentation for this API.

When I was your age, things were very different.


What's all that about?