You'll eventually get used to the heat.

Many rich people have a safe room in their houses.

Stephan robbed many other houses in the neighborhood.

He is crazy about jazz.


We accumulate our opinions at an age when our understanding is at its weakest.

Ronald, weren't you supposed to invite only one friend?

He found it hard to put his ideas across to his students.

What are we going to do about Anne?

The buildings were damaged by the storm last night.

I think my job is pointless.

Harold tried to stay awake.

Moderate exercise will do you good.

Talk shop to someone else.

Oleg didn't tell anyone about Trey's pregnancy.

The station is the middle of the city.

Oskar can't believe what he's just heard.

Griff loves to bully younger students.

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What are you lingering for? Hurry up and go.

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The words escaping his lips bear no meaning.

Gregg laughed loudly and inappropriately.

Maurice just sat there saying nothing.


On Mondays the buses are late more often than not.

Let's turn on the air conditioner.

Kenneth Starr abused his power again and took away my right to get on-line.

What is the name of that river?

He became famous throughout the world.

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All my dreams will come true.

She takes distances.

Everyone stared at Werner in disbelief.

Your sister enjoys watching sumo wrestling on TV.

Make sure Rainer doesn't see you.

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You're being negative again.


This is old news.


Can I ask one more question?


I agree with Charlie's opinion.


Are you American?


I can't make sense of these sentences.

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I suggest that you start a behavioral therapy in order to cure yourself of your obsession with comas.

She has a good figure.

You are sparkling.

Dan put out the fire with a blanket.

I am a Turk and I love my country.

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She is intensely preparing for the exam.

Piet doesn't pay attention in class.

It'll be done.

Lee knew they would attack with full force the next day.

The police believe Sam was murdered.

Hands reveal our inward emotions.

The car dove into the field and, after bumping along for a time, came to a halt.

I can't do this without her.

I'd better be getting home.

I'm just not hungry.

I enjoy looking at old family pictures.

I don't hang out with her.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it for you.

Lately high school girls are using their cell phones to exchange e-mail.

I am pleased with my new house.


I arrived at 2:30.

Somebody told her the whole truth.

I want to make love and I don't want to remember your names and faces.

My brother is a spoiled little brat!

Teruyuki tried to hide his annoyance.

She was sticking her tongue out.

Wolfgang said that she loved Merat and always would love him.


Have you told her this?


Maybe it's true.


Why don't we take a drive round the island on this ox carriage?


Can I call you back within twenty minutes?

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We have a community with wonderful people.


I've never stolen anything.


The campaign was successful and she won the election.

Lifestyles are changing.

The kind of jokes you tell are very similar to the kind Vickie tells.

This room does not get much sun.

They are shrewd in trade.

Because of the bad weather, any thought of sight-seeing in the city was abandoned.

They gathered the pieces of the broken dish.

I think otherwise.

Five hundred soldiers were sent to the city, with less than half of them surviving.

Nothing is free.

If he goes on like that, he will never amount to much.


Murat is back where he belongs.


It's what I'm used to doing.

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A faultless plan is stifling, isn't it.

He's a little devil.

The city perished in the earthquake.

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His hat was very funny.

His house is on the skirts of the city.

There's absolutely no chance that Evelyn will be there.

Sicily is hot in summer.

She made at least a hundred phone calls to her sister that day.

He's not home.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

He has been ill ever since Sunday.

I am quite all right now.

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All unclaimed property will be disposed of at midday tomorrow.

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I can understand him perfectly.

Gregory twisted his ankle.

An old man spoke to me suddenly.


Mike runs fastest in his class.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

I didn't even know what had happened.


Workers must have a place to invest their hard-earned savings that provides an appropriate balance of risk and return, and many private sector providers do not offer retirement savings options tailored to smaller balance savers.

I will hope for the best.

Francisco was the one who taught Dory how to ride a bicycle.


I had a very good time at Karuizawa.


We'll try to help out.

Is the sun up?

I thought we could help Sergei.

I like swimming.

Perseverance is, among other things, necessary for success.

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I am grateful to you for your kindness.


Sooner or later, we'll have to buy a new TV as ours is a very old model.

Why doesn't Shuvra like to eat fish?

Would you please open the door?

I always try to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

I came here to study.


I prefer to write in cursive.


Friends are very important to her.

I could have you arrested.

Do you really think you'll get away with an excuse like that?

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She has never sung a song with him.

I get nervous at immigration.

I'll speak to her.

He is foolish meeting her again.

If only my thoughts were set into type and would come out of my mouth like a receipt.

His face turned pale on hearing the news.

You can see the island in the distance.

He had to submit himself to their decision.

She is going to have to choose either the green or the red.

I'd like you to meet with them.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.


The fast and effective solution for finding the job of your dreams!

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You seem to be depressed this morning. What's the matter?


He's always the first to complain.

I have a tarantula in a small terrarium, and I feed it cockroaches.

Tell Sal he should stay out of sight.

Manjeri needed you.

Explode, swine!


I enjoyed talking with you.


I wasn't always this fat.


Hiroyuki won't eat anything I cook for him.


Truth is not a popularity contest.

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I wouldn't have asked you to come if I weren't absolutely necessary.


Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.

Gentlemen, at the beginning of this century, France was for all nations a magnificent sight.

If Raghu is going, I'm going, too.

He is apt to give vent to his feelings.

I advise you never to live beyond your income.

Cars are already parked like that on the sidewalk.

It was three weeks before she wrote an answer to Al.

He adores it.

Work harder if you plan to succeed.

Such a program will help the rich but harm the poor.

I know them better than you do.