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Selling space is considered to be the most powerful sales tool that a retailer has.  In effect, one reason for commercial success is the proper design of a company’s point of sale. Improve your showroom today with the products offered via the MEM program.

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  • Proof

    “In addition to attracting attention, the fact that all my doors are painted and fitted with handles distinguishes me from the competition. This also means that I don’t need a handle display on the floor.” 
- Owner of 3 podiums (QC)

  • Proof

    “Placed in front of the show window, the illuminated podiums are truly superb at night. This generates traffic.”
- Owner of 3 podiums (QC)

  • New MEM tool

    We are pleased to provide you with this new tool to allow you to quickly and easily order the tools for your showrooms and your customer's showroom.