His beard made him look older by ten years.

What did Taurus want Sandy to do?

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This car is going 60 kilometers an hour.

I stayed up till late at night.

I knew your name sounded familiar.

Everybody wants to be my friend.

I have a few errands.

I love what I'm doing here.

I think Lex is here already.

They made money by selling drugs into the huge market.

I'm going to come back.

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I added a lot of translations.

A winter sport that many people enjoy is ice skating.

Nguyen forgot my birthday.


I cannot do without any money.

You need to stop saying no to Marek.

She left her son alone in the car.

I did it for the first time.

Let me drive your new Toyota.


Let's give Tollefsen some privacy.

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Speaking in public makes me nervous.

I saw several women riding their bicycles.

Objection, your honor!

I don't want that until tomorrow.

We're finished.


What bands do you like?

I just got a message from him.

Everybody fears that prison.

I can't reach that can of tomatoes.

Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

Bill dealt Saqib a sudden blow.

Leo is going to need some more money.

She got to the hospital in a critical condition.

Russell didn't have enough money to rent a car.

We're all very worried about you.

He decided not to go.


She felt him stiffen in surprise when he heard the news.

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Can I see you tomorrow?

She is right in her opinions.

The heat is on the administration to come up with a new policy.

Do you have any books about Armenia?

With prices so high, I will do without a new suit this year.

Adjust your tie.

I'm heading downtown.


">" means greater than.

Cris isn't here, is he?

Winston told me that he had been skydiving since he was sixteen.

This story is based on actual events.

We owe you nothing.

I searched, but I didn't find it.

She's the girl of my dreams.


We thought that we wouldn't be able to stop him.

Francisco bought Joe an expensive umbrella.

I'll see them before that.

I had my shoes polished.

I happen to agree with him.

I want her to see these.

I thought Rafael had a date.

I like to take things apart to see what makes them tick.

Success! This is the five-thousandth Klingon sentence on Tatoeba!

Everyone is very proud of you.

The famous Tower of Pisa is now so seriously off plumb that Italy is taking special measures to keep it from collapsing.

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How long ago did it happen?


Christophe took a blanket off the bed and wrapped it around himself.

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She knew it by a sixth sense.

She saw him break the window.

It's not normally like this.

I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

I can do this on my own.

Don't just take my word for it.

We had to let Martyn go.


Evelyn has a safety deposit box.


Are you guys ready?

I like the way she laughs at my jokes.

You should practice English with a friend or classmate. Maybe you could join an Internet forum or a language club.

I couldn't understand him; I couldn't catch on to his way of speaking.

I think it's time for a quiet weekend.

The people hailed the victory.

What have we got?


Dan didn't even finish the report.

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The politician claimed to oppose the conclusion.


You don't need to repeat it a thousand times.

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In a way, you're wrong.

Seymour quietly sneaked out of the room.

One must learn letters, and learning them have sense.

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My car burns a lot of gas.

Could I have some of your beer?

He screamed for help.

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How long do you want this time?

Could you put this coat somewhere?

I couldn't think of anything to say to Jagath.

The war broke out when she was in Hiroshima.

I had to let Tomas win.

Isaac is wearing a blue bandana on his head.

In November of 1996, Mars Global Surveyor began a 10 month mission to the Red Planet.

Larry is a good person.

Irving played with his toy tractor.

Lin unzipped his backpack.

Carter probably knows I don't like him.


I lent him a book, but he has not yet given it back.

The contract will expire soon.

Do you know what's wrong with me?

Mechael wants me to stay away from him.

I kind of liked Mongo.

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He gave us the news that his son was engaged.

Paula was a traitor.

It got frustrating.

Leo wants to know what Nadeem did last weekend.

My wife has given up all hope of convincing me to mow the lawn today.

I have to rehearse.

Unfortunately, we have no choices but a certain buffer zone

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I won't give up because I have something worth fighting for.


My arm still hurts.

Sonja and Terry's marriage lasted three years.

Dori said it didn't matter.

When will this rain let up?

When does the movie start?

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She is as modest as anything.


Terrance isn't at work.


I'm the new teacher.

Bush never invaded Iraq.

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

Ramon opened the refrigerator.

What makes this one special?

Did Surya tell you he asked List to babysit tonight?

That was totally rad.

It's snowing there.

Is anyone here yet?

Helen will carry those suitcases for you.

It's wretchedly cold.

Do you want to study in Germany?

Dan was assigned to patrol a suburban area.

A kiss without a mustache is like a bowl of soup with no salt.

He got his right ear pierced.

Marc and Harvey voted for John.

Her conduct gave rise to suspicions in his mind.

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He did what he had to do.


Maybe I am like him, or maybe you are. Maybe everyone is.


Vickie has a half-sister.


You are my best friend.

Are their wives permitted to see them?

Saify had a desire for what she saw online.


He was suddenly attacked by a mysterious disease.

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I told them I wasn't interested.

Hey, can I talk to you two outside for a moment?

The bus stopped, but no one got out.

Norm should be able to handle this without any help.

Hubert works harder than he used to.


I'm not overly interested in the event.

I'll help you look for her.

On account of bad weather, we were forced to call off the assembly.

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There are many kinds of coffee.

Jane is not capable of learning from experience.

I had broken my glasses, so that I couldn't see the blackboard.

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In August 2014 the Swedish Building Workers' Union decided that the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" ("he or she, or neither he nor she") should be used instead of "han" ("he") in forthcoming versions of its by-laws.

We can't forget Tuan.

Would you turn down the stereo a little?

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His last play was a big hit.


In North America, business operates on "the customer is always right" principle.

Why do we die?

Eduardo is definitely not a gentleman.