You're hopeless.

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Ask Duke where he put his keys.

They were all good swimmers.

Would you like to go get something to eat?


What Bjorne says is too deep for me.

I've got so much left to do.

They're still young.


I wish I could've been there.


Look at the moon.

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It's not going to take long.

We can't get close to the enemy.

He answered incorrectly.


I'm going to meet Mr Yamada at the Sakura Hotel tomorrow at 6 p.m.

He lives in a very nice neighborhood.

It's an emergency, Vishal.

Who's your favorite announcer on CNN?

Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.

This knife cuts well.

She got him to do anything she wanted him to do.

Come inside. It's cold outside.

I have an orange and an apple.


I looked in the direction of the window, but didn't see anything.

I can't lift boxes over thirty kilograms.

I seem to have temporarily misplaced your file.

It is very cold here all the year round.

He went to sleep and never woke up.

The only thing that matters is that you are alive.

Don't abuse me, please.

Water is amazing.

You're going to miss me.

Miki is pretty conceited, isn't he?

Roderick and Nicolo divided the money between themselves.


The children are sleeping. Please don't be so noisy.

What you know, you know, what you don't know, you don't know.

I'd better turn the engine off.


Do you need our assistance?


Howard helped Dion escape.

The girl who works at that bakery is cute.

I suggested to him.


Bush believes in God.

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Adrian is waiting.


A laugh can be a very powerful thing.

This is Joanna.

The Pirate Party could mature into a political driving force.

Donald led the group of men into his office.

There's no way to waste more time than by learning Esperanto.

Terrance experienced a pain in her leg.

Put on some clothes.

Many unfair things happened.

Without your assistance I would have failed.

There is nothing like reality to combat illusions.

I can't believe I never knew that.

Can you speak Mandarin?

He's dark and handsome.

Let me show you where you can put your suitcases.

I wrote down the address for you.

I don't want to wait so long.

I've seen that movie before.

Wasn't your old dog named Cookie?

Thuan refused the offer.

Due to ill-health of the web-manager, loss of motivation and other circumstances I have decided that it is not possible to continue.

That which for mathematicians is illogical is entirely normal for musicians: seven plus seven is thirteen.

I hope you're insured.

I remembered one.

Lila ran as fast as he could.

I drove from Germany to Italy.

What's the number for the Tokyo Dome?

Graham said he saw Chet earlier this morning.


Sugih should've been court-martialed.


This diagram will illustrate what I mean.


He doesn't know the name of the chemical element Yb.

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Where have you been Bud? You're filthy!


We can't even be certain that it was Neal's voice we heard.

My favorite fish to eat is salmon.

I wish I were as handsome as he.


Why does water conduct electricity?

Admit that you made a mistake.

She did not arrive until the concert was over.

His revenue doubled after retirement.

I used to eat out several times a week.

What does this have to do with my future?

Don't I even get a phone call?

Tell them to get ready to leave.

He gave me a sinister look.


Where do you think we should stay?


It requires more courage to suffer than to die.


I want Novo to have fun.


We live on a farm near the village.

I think she was planning to go visit her mother in the hospital.

You've known Jun a lot longer than I have.


Are you sure this is the right train?

Matt is Rita's brother-in-law.

I can scarcely sleep at night.


Eat everything you wish.


None of that was true.

Erik is looking at it.

Do you worry about us?


I still haven't finished.

I have another brother, too.

Vincent bought Chuck's Bar and Grill, but he didn't rename it.

There are a lot of sentences without any translation.

Nobody could tell what he meant by that.

Daniele is a regular blood donor.

Jackson is my family name.

Dustin abused my confidence.

In principle, I'm with you.

I asked what Jerald is reading.

Lock and barricade all doors.

I have to think this over carefully.

He threw the jacket over his shoulder.

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Duane sat on the grass under a coconut tree.

They did not wish to go any farther.

Are you happy at your own home?


Both Jose and Tran were convicted.

Spencer's attitude drives me nuts.

I love my mother.

If you keep on like this, you'll probably live to reach 120!

The best is often the enemy of the good.

Within a week, most of Europe was at war.

I don't want to talk to you, Tovah.


Everybody saw what happened.

You're in for a bumpy ride.

Will we arrive in time?

White doves are beautiful birds.

I know that I was wrong.

Did you really think that was what Casey was going to give Felix?

It might be said that this is the computer age.

We want to see the king.

Either you or your friend is wrong.

You know Clara.

I'm going to cash in my cheque soon.


It's doubtful whether Rex can speak French well enough to do the job.

Can you tell us what the bank robber looked like?

Come with me.


Edward Everett did not agree with Lincoln.

Green suits you very well.

Our university has a good library.


It may rain, and then again, it may not.

It's almost time for you to go.

We tend to forget that exercise is a key to good health.


We saw the sea reflected in the mirror of the restaurant.

Dale is working on it now.

I am not used to staying up late at night.

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We buy the cattle and slaughter them.

I had a busy afternoon.

The first time I tried out my new bike I overbalanced and fell off.

We will meet again.

The man awakens the boy.

They wanted to oust the communist government of Fidel Castro.

I was worried you wouldn't get here on time.

She went inside her room so she could rest.

Shyam hardly speaks any French.

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I think Tandy looks better with a beard.

He was thirsty enough to drink a well dry.

He asked her if she was Jane.

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Francis will never forgive me.

Let's find somewhere to sit at the front.

Sanche doesn't want to wait.

He returns from Athens tomorrow.

Where's Lanzarote?

Did Ramneek eat his dinner?

I'm feeling pretty good now.