I take life seriously.

I have a lot of questions to answer.


Make it a double.

The blade of my knife is very keen.

The female student that sat in front of the teacher is from Germany.


Turkeer borrowed some books from the library to read over the weekend.


I do not program their integrated circuits.

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Can you tell me instead, why the planets on the screen are coloured the way they are?


Please come dressed up.

Endorse this check.

You were busy with housework.

Keep still.

I'm looking forward to seeing you dance.

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All participants made that great effort in the Olympics.

Let's go one at a time.

He deserves the prize.


I've got a busy schedule.

To attract sharks, scientists prepare a special bloody bait concoction known as "chum".

What did I miss?

Susan bought a couple of loaves of bread on his way home from work.

You did this on purpose!


Christina picked up one of the cans, opened it, and took a sip.


Edison invented the light bulb.

I'm not ready to leave yet.

Getting there on time won't be a problem.


I cannot take part in this work. I am very busy.

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I tried to change the subject, but they went on talking about politics.


On my way home, I came across an old friend.

We won't have a problem.

Rod was my teacher.


There are still a lot of unanswered questions.

The condition looks favourable.

The man ran away.

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What else did you buy?

I need to stay here with you.

Syd ate three times as much as Hubert did.

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This won't be easy.


I can't get you out of my mind.

I guess everybody knows that.

Do you still want to go to the zoo on Monday?

How's it going at school?

I'm Sofia's partner.

Oh, that's crazy.

Is that the biggest complaint you have?

He is a heroin addict.

Paul knew where Jennifer wanted to live.

He knows close to nothing about this issue.

I don't know if it's going to work.

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I disciplined my children when they deserved it.

Attachment isn't compassion.

Vincent is perfect.

At last, the bells of victory rang out.

I don't particularly want to do that.

We followed orders.

How are you getting along in your new job?

She was born and brought up on the backstreets.

Sanjib and Jan are always arguing.

When did they introduce potatoes to Japan?

I learned French very quickly.

Was Samir here last night?

Why not try some of this cake?

I use Outlook's scheduler at work and I think I'd like to buy a PDA and synchronize them.

I won't see her again.

Saqib is almost convinced.

It really does stink in here.

Are you by yourself or with someone?

You don't need me.

Welcome back. We missed you.

When the rain stopped, he went out for a walk.

Glynn and Tyler hated one another.

I enjoy playing the blues.


I wrote a beautiful story.


It looks like I must have dozed off.

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With all of his tricks he has mastered, he will be able to deal with any formidable client.

I don't have a boyfriend.

Klaus doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

Can you translate this for me?

With respect to financial matters, Mr. Jones knows more than anyone else in the company.

We went up the mountain by cable car.

I'm working on finishing my MBA.

Why does this lizard have five legs?

You cannot be serious.

Many scholars are considered strange.

The thieves divvied up the proceeds from their heist.

Didn't you read the reports?

Your lives are in great danger.

Who represent the executive management?

He denies having broken the window.

He wants to go to the United States.

How much do I owe you? - Four euros, please.


This is an elementary error of reasoning.

There's a lot of work to be done!

The best way is to take things as they come.

Do you think they'll be offended?

If I'm not going to the party then I'm not doing anything specific anyway.


Truly my mother bore me as one of evil fate.

I'll assist in any way I can.

Herb's phone rang, but he ignored it.

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What's Jitendra investigating?

I don't care what your mother said.

I know it for sure.

Turkish has a different word order.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous.


This one's great.

I cannot really say which one the baby wants, since he's pointing at both.

Metin is a competent nurse.

I forgot to tell him.

Now listen, children.

You'd better put your cigarette out before Terry sees it.

Sitting behind people at the movies who constantly chat and giggle doesn't make for an enjoyable evening.


I tried to reason with them.


What's the name of the piece the orchestra's playing?

The police will soon arrive on the scene.

That was really hard.

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Many people were left homeless as a result of the earthquake.


You need to know it.

I wish my wife were here with me now.

We just need to be creative.

When I was a kid, I remember my mother used to stay awake all night waiting for my older brother to come home.

Dalton has asked us for help.


I'd be delighted if you'd come with me.

It's not only Justin that has to study. I have to study, too.

This is the best time of year to visit Boston.

I forgot to turn off the gas!

It always happens this way.

Judging by the way the sky looks, we're sure to have good weather.

We had fun yesterday.

Dan had a garage full of collection cars.

Trevor negotiated a lower price.

In America, we usually buy eggs by the dozen.

Fort Moultrie had fewer than seventy soldiers.

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Sorrel never got married.


Wang Xiaoming speaks English, but doesn't have a lot of English books.


Are you concerned with politics?

Can you believe Jeffrey?

I think you should swim.


Venkata could not finish her dinner.

After a rainy morning the clouds were suddenly parted and a double rainbow appeared in the sky.

Fletcher said he wanted to talk to me.

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That must be the Mackintosh boy.

Every summer, we go camping.

Do you understand my problem?

Kyung seems to be successful.

I know when to quit.

Saul often munches on snacks while watching TV.

Don't take his remarks too literally.

Their argument eventually ended in a draw.

This is my opinion, not his.

Seagulls can fly over great distances.

She had no sooner seen me than she ran away.


Mechael knows how to have a good time.

You can buy all kinds of groceries at the supermarket.

Give this book to whoever wants it.

He is the tallest of the three.

You're not telling me anything I don't already know.


The river that flows through Paris is called the Seine.

Eating good isn't synonymous for eating a lot.

So we love sentences. But, even more, we love languages.

I know Steven didn't leave the house.

He's materialistic and shallow.


I was just catching up on paperwork.

I want you to stand guard.

I'm used to staying awake late into the night.