Guido isn't to be trusted.

Tell him to be here by 2:30.

It isn't much further.

The story of Edward Snowden has reminded us once again that even the walls have ears.


You must be desperate.


Chip had something urgent to do.

Keep notes.

When he came to he found himself lying in a small, windowless cell.

We all want to know why you weren't here yesterday.

I trust him.

Bring along something to read.

We dated on and off through college.

Did you ever talk to Jennifer about this?

Have you thought about what time of year you want to start your journey?

This is a good place to start the analysis.

Teruyuki cried over Mike's shoulder.

Teenagers often break rules.

It's still too early in the morning to visit anybody.


We can discuss this later.


That's bollocks!

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I'll do what you say.

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Don't make that expression.

She went crazy with fear.

It was very quiet.

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You're just not trying hard enough.

Christian will be furious.

Gary is estimating how much money he'll need to finish the house.


Niall is teaching me French.

I guess both of us are a little sleepy.

I don't buy it.

I'll bet you didn't even tell Sally.

Hume needs to come up with something fast.

I can live with that.

It doesn't look exactly like the picture in the catalog.

The horses make dust as they run.

Why don't you tell me about it?

We set the time and date for the game.

Everyone laughed, including Ian.

What did Christopher Columbus discover?

I won't go back.


This computer saves us a lot of work.

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You have infinite possibilities as an artist.


I remember the way you used to flirt with Hillel.

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The beautiful widow stood by the coffin, her eyes veiled with tears.

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The rectangle and the rhombus are parallelograms.


Life is weird sometimes.

I was just being honest.

He is the very best inventor in the class.

They don't make them like they used to.

I'm not sure that'll do you any good.


Jochen and Karl talked about what they should do with the money.

Skeeter finished the race.

Dan was Linda's only child.

We ask that those who have had a change to their residence report and have not yet submitted a change report please do so as quickly as possible.

Tension is a major cause of heart disease.


She had no sooner read his letter than she tore it up.

I didn't do my best.

Can I have a paper bag?


Do you have a letter opener I can borrow?

I'm sure there's no need to be scared.

Why do you think Rudolph prefers living in the country?


Kristin was wondering if Joshua had a boyfriend.

Shamim didn't mean any offense.

They won the battle at the cost of many lives.

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Murph is still overweight.

This is not my key.

Duke was in my dream.


I can be trusted.

You may find it useful.

I want to watch you suffer.


I rarely laughed so much.


The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning.

Dick can't remember exactly where he put his keys.

I need some cash.

I thought he held something back from us.

This is the first time I've ever had lunch out.


He has been engaged in the study of biology for nearly ten years.

She switched on the lamp because it was dark.

Sjaak wants to stop us.


I've got a little problem.


He wished to keep the bank accounts separate for tax purposes.

My teacher taught me that you can take the square root of a negative number.

She is an honor to our school.

You must cultivate your mind.

Please keep your ludicrous accusations to yourself in future.


The future is one big question mark.


The siblings fought tooth and nail over their late father's estate.


Pilar is afraid to leave his house.


"Can the Snow Queen come in here?" asked the little girl.


Don't let this discourage you from trying it again.

You're going exactly where I wanted to go.

He sounded as excited as she did.

Gregory had his piano tuned.

I left my tennis racket on the train.

She asked him to carry her bag.

How is the investigation's going?

I anger easily.

Annard just came in.

I won't tolerate such language!

I don't have a road map yet.


They unanimously concluded that he had violated the rules of an unfair imitation and good business practices in the marketing law.


What's your story?


The boy has a shock of blond hair.


Is it time to end it?

I would like Rodger to apologize to me.

I just met him.

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I'll always remember Darryl.

What an uproar!

The sun is setting soon.

We live on rice.

You'll find this intriguing.

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Atuqtuaq eats the seal blubber uncooked.

Janet is an experienced negotiator.

I take it you talked to her.

The road curves gently towards the west.

The rapid growth of the city surprised us.

Life is one big party.

The weather forecast is not reliable at all.

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You're a bug.

Never in my life do I want to see Myron again.

Tell them I won't be there.

He studies with a view to becoming a doctor.

We were the two closest people in the world to her.

Our new serial thriller begins at 7.30 this evening.

A canary is a small bird and people sometimes keep it as a pet.


Take anything you like.

I don't see any relation between the two problems.

You can avoid stomach ailments by drinking purified water and always washing your hands before eating.

Emily agreed with me.

I told Ron that you'd want to know.

Do you want me to take your place?

I can't let you talk about your own father that way.

Whose handbag is this?

Not a moment could be lost.

I want to be your friend.

I've just finished lunch.

Have you ever got angry with Marika?

Where did you find this?

How many slices of meat would you like?

Is this list reliable?

The cat lay at full length on the road.

In addition to English, she speaks French fluently.

I can't take you with me.

Keep me informed.

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Les looks exasperated.

The human soul longs for something noble.

My father told me to do so on my own.

My bike was stolen when I went shopping.

Les kept Dustin waiting for an hour.

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I don't usually eat at places like this.


Jeany enjoyed his stay.

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In order to isolate him from bacteria, and such, he is not allowed visitors.

It was a pleasure for me to speak with you.

The car hit the fence and turned over.

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We threw her out.

The Earth and the Solar System in which it is are located in the Orion Spur, not even a full, genuine Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

He held her in his arms.