I'm confident.

It's no use your saying anything.

It was embarrassing.

Marnix really seems to like The.

Because he believes in the importance of people's own dignity, he advocates suicide.

He did it without malice.

A thief crept in through the window.

I had to go back.

The public is the best judge.

I need this space.

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There is something that makes me suffer.


He's nothing special. Just another working stiff.

The next stop is "Berlin Central Station".

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

This is the first time I've ever advised a friend to do this.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

You wanted to get your hands on Ravindran's money.

I was dreaming about her.


We're going to rebuild this city.

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I didn't come here for Manjeri.

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Has anyone talked to them?

I can't eat meat.

Cyrus is too weak to look after himself.

Jos folded his clothes and put them in his suitcase.

Her job was to see the children safely across the street.

Kathleen has a stuffed-up nose.

Our university has excellent sports facilities.

I'd better be more careful what I say.

You should face up to the reality.

You don't seem very satisfied.

We've been waiting on you.

After he had graduated from the university, he taught English for two years.

Get it off your chest.

Michel is running short of money.

The roses are now in full bloom.

Next time I'm at the beach, I'm going to send a message in a bottle.

The police can't find Van.

Jerry can't mean that.

Please do not smoke here.

Amedeo is joining our company.

The woman is fat.


They're doing it to me out of spite.

Brush off the dust from your shoes.

Conversation between two people presupposes four attentive ears.

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The barn is full of farm equipment and tools.

I met her at her house.

That was a nice speech.

Nicolo says it's up to Jennifer.

I swear all I meant to do was to threaten Colin.


I love being in empty rooms.

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I had mixed feelings.

It was gambling that brought about his ruin.

These grapes taste sour.

Some things can't be fixed.

Rich people have a tendency to look down on the less fortunate.


You have been thinking about this problem the whole morning. Take a break; go eat lunch.

This news was a surprise.

In this foreign country, people at the bus stop were calmly waiting for the bus, sitting on their haunches.

Help me find him.

I told King he should buy a new car.


Thus he succeeded in winning her heart.


I'd like to send this parcel to Japan by sea.


Leave me alone so I can get some sleep.

It's a wonderful opportunity.

"Will you help me?" "I'll be glad to."


Promise me you'll never do that again.

He opened the mussels with a knife.

I want to speak to the person in charge.


Where do I sign up?


Archie is a good photographer.

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His English is excellent.

I had to trust her.

This discussion is over.

She is very sensitive to criticism.

She will be relocated to New Zealand.


I'm looking through his report.

But this is an issue to which we will return later.

It's no use talking to her.

My father is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

See what Vern has to say about all this.


There used to be a bridge here.

Arthur was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

She is a kind girl.

Live and learn.

I shed a tear when I saw the tear in my dress.


Rakhal came to his senses and decided to turn himself in to the police.


I used to know a guy that grew up in Boston.

He blamed me for the accident.

Have we done something wrong?

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This message is for him.


I think he won't accept the proposal.

Hotta made several tries, but failed each time.

The airplane ascended to four thousand feet.


Would you mind my opening the window?

He confirmed that something was wrong with his car.

Why didn't you go to the police?

Sergei pretended to be sleepy.

I think it's true that he wasn't at the scene.

Where did you behead them?

Murray eats lunch by himself every day.


Do you know Subra well enough to ask him to do this?

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We'll win.

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You won't have any problem getting home by yourself, will you?

Elsa had some trouble finding Ronni's house.

Sonny met Vladislav while on holiday in Turkey.

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I don't think this is the right way to do this.

I am content with my current position.

We have a tea break at five o'clock.

He was reluctant to go there.

They're tired of not doing anything.


She was completely nonplussed by his unexpected behavior.

Vincent is pretty decisive.

He should be angry.

Old said it was nothing to worry about.

Give me the gun.

Would you like another piece of pie?

Shane didn't come home until 2:30.

I have been busy.

We will stand by you whatever happens.

He's as stupid as a rock.

Tell us about your brother.


The results of the test were negative.

Why don't you try sitting up?

Have you ever subscribed to any English language newspaper?

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Why don't you tell me what happened?

Will you be ready by 2:30?

My dream is to be a baseball player.


You're efficient.

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I assume you know why I'm here.

Dan is cold.

I thought Victor would ask Hazel to go with him to Boston.

I'm not interested.

Generosity is an important trait in today's selfish society.

Steen might be in New York.

I swear I never hurt them.

My guilt leaves no room for doubt.

The police are believed to have arrested the wrong woman.

They are teachers.

Could I bum a cigarette and a light?

He will graduate from university in 2001 if things go well.

I was too excited to look her in the eyes.

Jem didn't know that he shouldn't believe everything Albert said.

Life is a mystery.

The kitchen table was bare except for a bowl of fruit.

It's you who has broken our agreement.

I know about everything that's happened.

Mickey does not have access to the database.


I thought it'd be more comfortable if we sat here.

I don't like winter.

Is the snake alive or dead?

Was Midori skiing in Hokkaido then?

It was very lucky for me that I saw him.

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The Lions caught up in the 7th inning.

They are my sisters.

Jean-Christophe was so angry at Rex he couldn't even look at her.

The airplane took off and boarded to China.

How do you spell that?


I'm trying to stop Samir.

So much has been happening.

Many farmers lost their farms.

I don't speak the language well, but I can understand most of what the native speakers say.

Everyone for themselves!

We must stop King before he kills himself.

It just doesn't work, I'm sorry.