Women of HAYA.


How are you women doing? I pray that you are smiling with joy with the decisions you have made by far and to always be in gratitude with the events that have happened in our journey.

In order to receive love, we must also learn how to give love to everyone we meet whether they are nice or not. Why? Because when we extend love and compassion, we will have an immediate positive effect on us.

I have recently changed the aesthetics of the Instagram account to be of a community than the business itself because I feel that Haya is more than just about gathering beautiful women via fashion shows and whatnots.

Each time when I hear the azan, I will be reminded that there are Haya-ness in all of us and that we need to encourage one another to run towards success via our obligatory daily 5 prayers.

“Hayya Ala Salah”

“Hayya Ala Falah”

The more I took time to re-strategise on what I want to do via Women of Haya, I get directed towards a light to encourage us women to the right thing and to avoid anything distasteful to our creator.

Isn’t it beautiful how Allah s.w.t has planned everything for us all?


Madame Kat


Not many will take Ramadhan seriously but you can be one of the few who will take it seriously and to be better than you were before and practice the good habits you developed and eliminate the bad habits. Insyaa Allah.

It will be a 3-hour inspiring event where we come together to share life lessons and Ramadhan related topics for the Soul, Mind & Body.

We are inviting keeping it real speakers such as Mizz Nina and Aliza Kim who are excelling in their chosen fields and have experienced the ups and downs life brings to share their advice & thoughts. You can expect to meet other like-minded people during the break.

Keyword: Interactive & Real.

See you there. Insyaa Allah.


** The above-mentioned event was held on May 20th 2017 in the Blisshouse Singapore.