I will be able to marry her.

Since their first appearance on earth, men have gathered information and have attempted to pass useful ideas to other men.

Gale has to go home.

She looked more beautiful than ever.

This was a good feeling.

Don't think I'm perverse, but I've seen several condoms in her purse.

It wasn't the first time they had done it.

You two fight it out.


The king exchanged his baby, a beautiful boy, for the daughter of a peasant, and the prince lived roughly as the son of poor people, while the little girl slept in a golden cradle, under silken sheets.


Would you like to come over for dinner after work on Monday?

You sound like you're in a good mood.

Now run along.

To thee all this power has come.

I thought maybe you were right.

I don't want to be exploited.

Food really does taste better when eaten with close friends.

You're one of us now.

Bring up a chair for me, please.

He had lost all political power.

Masha dreams of starting a revolution, but is quite afraid.

I intend to decline his offer to help me.

This month was kind of difficult.

I really loved you.

There are no broken bones.

Juliet said we needed to leave at once.

Have you decided the subject of your thesis?

Friends are our link with a bigger world.

Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.


They treated me well.

Guido seems relatively happy.

We should follow her.

What did you think my name was?

It's not something I think I can do.


Do you need anything?

I've decided to go by train.

The hungry birds were eating from the bird feeder.

Brad and Lester are drunk.

Slide down the hill while distributing your weight equally on both skis.


Allan quite often exaggerates.

My best friend is Welsh.

I know you'd never do that intentionally.

In 1847, they declared independence.

There is no schedule.

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This suitcase isn't yours. It's mine.

Bad books will do you harm.

Roughly speaking, the seasons in England correspond with those in Japan.


I acted the part of a fairy.

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My father used to go to work by bus.

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There's going to be a book sale tomorrow.

It's already 4 o'clock. It doesn't look like he will be able to come.

She advised him not to use too much sugar.


He that is discontented in one place will seldom be happy in another.


At the end of the first half Real Madrid were in the lead, but Chelsea won in the end.

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I don't want anyone wearing my clothes but me.

The small country is making great efforts to keep up with other developing countries.

I'm writing to him.


I watched the play from beginning to end.

You told me not to buy that, but I bought it anyway.

I contributed.

Moe's trial will continue on Monday.

You're good at speaking French, aren't you?


It's totally useless.


Whatever happened to them?

Toufic spoke French.

Blake was green behind the ears when it came to defending himself in court.

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I'd prefer not to answer.


There is an urgent need for donations.

Juliet was as nervous as Jong was.

What color is his sweater?


I saw you kissing Seenu.

Kay sat cross-legged on the floor.

Where can I get my baggage?

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The ideas of great thinkers are always warped with the passage of time.

Bring me a cup of coffee, please.

The bomb was set to go off in thirty minutes.

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I don't have time to deal with this letter. Could you deal with it?

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Maybe he did it on purpose.

Joanne says he doesn't really want to talk about this.

I ran into your girlfriend.

We miss him.

I owe what I am to you.

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This is going to take hours.

Shean bought Douglas some flowers.

In this essay, Reiner distills the arguments for and against leaving the EU.

You blockhead!

The president of the company, to whom I introduced you, wants to see you again.

Jimmy, breakfast is ready. Come downstairs.

In addition to being a good teacher, she was a great scholar.

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I shouldn't have told Vistlik how I felt about him.


Gunter isn't religious.

This is the first French book I've ever read.

Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.


We cannot thank you too much for your help.


The Hindenburg suddenly burst into flames.

No one knew the answer.

The two met each other at a vocational college for animation.


He finally decided to get married.

Don't worry, these things happen.

Donald is an imposter.

My brother always thinks that he has to prove himself, while in fact we love him the way he is.

He will get back soon.

She has a great body.

Woof, woof, woof!

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That matter was decided by the Supreme Court.

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Wake up, sleepyhead! You've been asleep for twelve hours!

We've only known each other for three months.

He went to school by car.

Let's discuss the matter here.

Why would Amarth be here?

The cave is easy to get to.

It was all a dream.


I read an interesting book yesterday.

Clocks used to be wound every day.

The only reward of virtue is virtue.

I can see some small fish swimming about in the water.

I've been told that often enough.

We have fish for dinner every Friday.

Three big men attacked him and stole his money.

I didn't know you were Canadian.

Concerning the Earth, the Sun and the property of smallness, the 1st is more than the 2nd in the 3rd.

It really isn't that simple.

Bahrain became a kingdom in 2002.

Do you remember when your father's birthday is?

You said that you loved him.

To the same tune of warmongers dances an English Weismannist-Morganist called Faucet, who said that if no form of birth control was introduced, humanity was left a sole remedy only - "to appeal to the ancient trinity: war, disease and hunger."

It's strange that we've never met before.

Valeria didn't have to help if he didn't want to.

Sofia doesn't eat dark meat.

I must admit, you're right.

His house was valued at $6 million.

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Ivan the Terrible killed his son in 1581.

Which is the hottest of all the seasons?

It was stolen.

I'll stay in Beijing for four days.

He failed in the examination because he had not studied.

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The forest is full of trees.

This isn't an unappealing proposition, is it?

All the parking spots were taken.

A collection of her verses has just been published.

The two cars almost met head-on on the way.

Why did you begin without me?

You're my problem.


I narrowly escaped being hit by a car.

My house is old and ugly.

We're junior high school students.


My brother is out.


After his dinner break, Dan left to pick Linda up from the gym.

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He knows a lot of people.


I wish I had eaten something else.


By God, I never knew that.


You can be pretty charming when you want to be.

Should I do it?

Terrence has had to stay here longer than he wanted to.

Panos's brother looks just like him.

It would seem that you know something that I don't.


Christmas is soon.


I think I can come over this afternoon.

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My name is Alex, but I prefer that you all call me Augusto.